I wanted a woman to peg me...but this is what happened

I am a happily married man. I love my wife and we have no marital problems. We have regular sex but no anal & she does not lick my ass.

That said; i am addicted to porn and have been watching porn where the woman pegs her husband. I have been getting this deep desire to get pegged by a woman. My wife is too conservative and it will be an issue if I even bring this up.

So for the last few months I have been posting in Craigslist (though that is no longer available) looking for a woman to peg me. But I never got any response from any woman. I did get a response from many guys and then eventually I met a guy.

I have never been attracted to a man, and was not even in this case. But I did meet him. We got naked, he sucked my dick and then started going further down and playing with my ass. The first time he licked my ass...I felt like I was in heaven...it was like nothing I ever felt before!! I loved it...

Between his licking and sucking...I got so horny that I asked him to bend over and fucked his ass (with protection ofcourse)....

After that time...I met him a few times....I had him suck my dick, lick my ass and bend over for me to fuck his ass!! But the last time I met him, I asked him to use a lot of lube and use his fingers to play with my ass!!

Wooow...I loved it!

Now, I am considering asking him to buy a strapon & peg me! He is gay, he is attracted to men..he has a small dick and hence can't fuck with that. I am not attracted to him or for that matter to any other man but the act of his mouth on my cock, his tongue licking my ass, his fingers inside my ass...that is something else..I love the ass rimming...love his fingers playing with my ass!!

I will not suck his dick...I am still a very dominant person and that has not changed...the only thing is I just want someone to play with my ass!! Ideally, I would like to find a girl that will rim me & peg me!! But for now I am fine with this gay friend.

What does this make me? Bi-Sexual, Gay or just wierd? How does the fact that I am repulsed by the thought of me sucking dick play into this? I don't think I will have any issues sucking a strapon that a woman is wearing but won't suck a real dick.

I just want to understand how my repulsion to sucking cock...goes hand in hand with my love for getting my ass played with?

By the way if you are in San Jose, CA or around and want to meet me f2f then send me a direct email to IWannabepegged@gmail.com. Women preferred, but men as well as Trans people are welcome.


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  • I’m married to an attractive 46 year old woman. If I had my way I would love to have sex more than we do.
    Every other day would be great.Trying to hold back only increases the urge to let my mind wander.
    There have been times when visiting men’s bathroom I have glanced over just to see if I can get a peek at what he’s holding.I know it’s not proper and other people do it . But what I’ve seen I can honestly tell you I can’t believe some of the huge cock sizes out there. I’ve seen some cocks on soft that are way much bigger on soft than mine on hard.
    One night when me and wife got home after drinking I couldn’t hold back and as soon as wife crawled into bed I encouraged her to hurry up as I was super aroused. When she was in bed I told her why. I went as far as to tell her what I usually see in the men’s restroom.
    Fearing she would be upset or tell me that was weird she would tell me to tell her more. I even went into to detail the different sizes.Ive even suggested how she would probably leave me for some of those horse cock sizes I’ve seen.This actually gets her in the mood. I really think she misses getting all that strange cock from all those one nighters before me. Sometimes she’ll go into detail about the size of some of her lovers that she would allow to call her up and fuck her. I try not to use this all the time because I don’t want her to really know how much seeing another guys huge cock turns me on.

  • I would love to discuss further with you. If interested then reach out to me at bigbigizzy321@gmail.com

    OP: I am also in the SF Bay area.

  • Ok let’s meet on the wharf. Be there this evening. I’ll have a brown jacket and red polo shirt with jeans.

  • I live in East Bay (Union City) and can't meet at that short a notice. Drop me an email (bigbigizzy321@gmail.com). I will give you my mobile and let us figure out how to make this happen.

  • I’ll be there Saturday evening. Emails and calls can be recorded and traced. I can’t risk that.

  • Ya I understand the need for discretion. Can you propose an alternative that can help us schedule a meeting? How about Google Hangouts?

  • Google and FB keep track of anything you do. So no. I’ll be at Starbucks this evening

  • You are what some call open. Which means you are sexually open minded to experiences.

  • You got that right...I am open minded....open to pretty much anything except me sucking a man's dick...!! By the way I am the author of the above post.

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