Eating my own poop

I have been tasting my own poop and I really like it when I have a bowel movement I stick my finger in my butt and get poop on my finger and stick in my mouth and I like it, is there something wrong with me.

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  • 🍑🔅👆💩👆👅😋

  • Male or female? If female, weirdly hot, if male you are a fucked up mess

  • Putrid beast !!!!

  • This is as gross as the woman who's boyfriend popped her boil during sex.

  • Omg what??

  • One of my girlfriends used to suck my cock after anal and as you know there was some on it! I couldn't believe that!

  • Soon u will have some
    Stomach bacteria not smart at all who eats shit anyway 👎😫

  • Yes, there is something wrong with you.

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