Eating my own poop

I have been tasting my own poop and I really like it when I have a bowel movement I stick my finger in my butt and get poop on my finger and stick in my mouth and I like it, is there something wrong with me.

4.4 years ago

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    • Stuffed a frankfurter up my ass and fucked myself with it. After I was done. I ate it and guess what: there was poop on it.

    • I've often wondered what it would be like to be put in bondage and used as a human toilet

    • Fucken shit eaters,, dirty dirty fucken pigs, hope you choke on shit and die.

    • Fuck off knob-gobbling, canine fornicating asshole!

    • I also like to fingerfuck my butt and lick my fingers in between. Sometimes there is poop on them but it doesn’t taste bad. The smell is worse than the taste.

    • Haha wtf

    • I love too, my dear!!!

    • Very gross!!

    • Male or female? If female, weirdly hot, if male you are a fucked up mess

    • Putrid beast !!!!

    • One of my girlfriends used to suck my cock after anal and as you know there was some on it! I couldn't believe that!

    • Yes, there is something wrong with you.

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