Bestiality and incest

I confess I an into i****t and bestiality. I practice them with my mom and our dogs, and dad when I visit him. I was raised nudist (by mom) and in a openly sexual house. I had seen mom have sex with male and female lovers, seen her masturbate, and when I was 9 I saw her getting knotted. She encouraged me to watch her (and masturbate if I felt like it). I did.

The next day we talked about it and she was ok with me trying it if I wanted do. I did she had me rub myself to get wet. Then she got one of the dog and sucked him to get him hard and guided him into me. He fucked me for a good long while. After words mom with out saying a word licked me till I came again. Took me to bed that night and had sex on and off all night.

When I was 12 she had me seduce dad on a visit to him. Did it by finding out he like bdsm. Let him find my naked giving myself forced orgasms in the den one day. Before to long he refused to let me get dress in his apartment. At first it was only oral and anal sex. After he found out I had the pill he started cumming in me. He doesn't know about me and mom of the dogs.

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  • Even though your story is lies, I reported it anyway.

  • Omg marry me... ur mother is a genius x

  • You sound perfect

  • Nothing wrong with that. Sex is the most wonderful natural pleasure that people can have. No reason not to enjoy it with our closest relatives and family pets.

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