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Im a 37 year old married woman and I have been fantasizing about being with another woman. I have had only one sexual encounter with another woman when I was 22, I loved the feel of her soft bald pussy and the way she tasted.
I have a friend the has shown interest in a sexual encounter and I would love to taste her but I don't know what my husband would do or think of me if I do.he is a church going, sex once a month type of guy. i dont want him to think im a slut but i need more. what should i do?

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  • I would have sex with her a couple of times, then invite him to join in.

  • Omg tribbing! I didn’t know this was a thing. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I’m in deep with her, and I can’t make myself see anything wrong with it. This is surreal. Barbie

  • That is hot! I finally got to be with Kayla and I'm hooked! She has a beautiful bald pussy and a huge clit.
    We meet three times a month and give each other the pleasure the way only 2 women can.
    I did give in a little bit and let her husband watch us but he isn't going to get my pussy!
    I'm so happy for you and I wish we could have been closer together, I would have love to go down on you

  • I spent the day with her again yesterday. This is wrong, but it feels so good. It’s such a shame that I’ve deprived myself of this pleasure up until now. The softness of her body, the curves, the soft kisses, the smells, the tastes, oh the feelings are all absolutely heavenly. Just to kiss and hold each other (naked) and to feel our large breasts pressed together is like nothing I’ve ever dreamed. And to think until only a few days ago I was too afraid to peruse this. I only hope we can maintain our composure at church this week. Barbie

  • Good for you Barbie, I just knew you would enjoy being with another women.
    no one knows until they try it.
    my day was short because Kayla's husband wasn't going to leave and it was like I thought he wanting to fuck me, I left and went home. she call me later on and said she was sorry and still wanted to get together, so I told her if she wants to she has to come over to my house. my husband will be gone all day Saturday so that is my chance to be alone with her.

  • Oh honey I hope it works out for you. I don’t know how you experienced this in your younger years and then deprived yourself of it for so long. At this point, I couldn’t stop if I had to. Babrbie

  • I just never thought about it until I meet Kayla. then I started to watch two women on line and I knew I had to have some for myself.
    when she gets here Saturday im going to have my way with her, I want her pussy in my face so bad I finger myself just thinking about her

  • I’m so glad I stumbled across this confession. I’m in the same conundrum, not sure if I should. I want to so badly. I think I might.

  • I would love to find a woman just for sex. I’m also in the south. Happily married but would love to please a woman.

  • Replying to me own comment here, but but I’ve felt like I should’ve said more. My husband is actually the youth pastor. He’d freak if he knew I was not only having these desires, but actually considering going through with them. I get it more than once a month, but it’s very plain, missionary only, and not usually fullfiling. My very brief response yesterday was because he was actually in the room with me. I was totally taken back how similar the confession and responses were to my own feelings.
    The woman I’m referring to is the primary pasto’s Wife. She’s 36, a natural beauty, doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t need to. She has made it very clear this will happen if I’m willing. I am 41, never done this before. I kissed a girl in college, but that’s all. I have always wanted to and have often regretted not experiencing it when I was single. I intend to reach out to her today. I’m really going to do this....I think. xoxo-Barbie.

  • What kind of church please tell the rest of the story omg how do you know she's interested back??

    I'm so curious

  • We’re southern baptists. The conversation started during a women’s group. She commented something about a stagnant sex life. Having the same issue myself, I began talking to her privately afterwards. Over time we started to discuss all the details. She told me she’d been with females before she was married, and had one relationship afterward, where they’d ministered before. She let me know she’d love to meet someone again and gave me a wink. It certainly planted a seed.
    Yesterday we got together for lunch, then to the parsonage to hang out. I’d let her know during lunch I was willing to give it a try. I don’t know how much detail to give here, but long story short, I had sex with another woman yesterday afternoon. It was amazing. It’s something we both wish to persue. I hardly slept last night, my heart is still racing. My only regret is not discovering this earlier in life. Barbie

  • Im very happy for you Barbie I knew when you tasted pussy you would love it!

  • I did indeed. I didn’t expect it to be so addictive to taste her, to take in her smell, her taste, her essence. She told me when I first went down on her, she instructed me not to lick just yet. Just take in the aroma, deeply, look at her, study it. She knew what she was doing. By the time she told me to go ahead and taste it, I wanted nothing more. I can’t believe I went through with it, but I’m so glad I did. Barbie

  • Im meeting up with my friend Kayla today at her place, she said she has been wanting to get together for a while but didn't think I was interested. the only thing im worried about is her husband will be there, he likes to watch.
    I have never had anyone watching before.

  • To each her own. But I’m not about having an audience. I’m really not into groups either. I’ve already stretched my boundaries so far, maybe in time. But for now I’ve strayed as far as I can.

  • Im not into groups either, but I really want her. it would be our first time together and I would like it to be just her and I. im going to go to her place and tell her I want her but not with her husband watching.
    im just afraid he wants to get some of my pussy and that's not what I want.
    maybe I will have to find someone else.

  • I’m betting if your honest with her, tell her how you feel, she’ll be accommodating.

  • I hope she understands because I really want her, she is 29 years old and is a slim girl and has a fat pussy. I have seen her in her bikini and I get wet just thinking about getting her naked and licking her.
    if her husband doesn't leave then I will. I don't want him

  • Once you taste a pussy you will want more, I know I do!
    I told my husband yesterday that I wanted to go out with her and see what happened. he said if that is what I want to do to do it, he also said that he wasn't going to change a thing and I could do as I wanted. so im going to eat her pussy if she lets me.
    all I can say is to at least try pussy once or you my regret it the reast of your life.

  • Wow, so glad your husband is okay with it. You’re a lucky woman. I am decided I will do this at least once. I can hardly wait. Neither of us work, so hopefully today.... Barbie

  • You will never regret do it at least once, just take your time and enjoy it. I did my first time.
    my husband doesn't go down on me I guess that is way I want to be with another woman. its to bad you and I couldn't hook up we could have so much fun together

  • I was thinking the same thing. My husband absolutely doesn’t do oral either. Not giving or receiving. I’d love to find out we live in the same town lol. What a sexy thought lol Barbie

  • What is it with these guys that don't eat pussy?
    i'm from Alabama what state are you in?

  • Oklahoma. IDK, but it’s something I want. He thinks it’s a sin.

  • Dams that's a ways off! then just do it, get some pussy in your face and suck and lick it like it will never happen again! call your friend and set up a date and just go for it!!

  • I texted her, asked if she wanted to have lunch, and “do something” afternoon. She said “absolutely”!! This is moving so fast, but I want this so much!!!!

  • Sister I’m in the same situation, it seems my girlfriends and myself have the same problem with our husbands. Once a month don’t cut it, so we have our play date once a week with each other and hubbys don’t know.

  • You only live once, he doesn't really need to know either.

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