I have a secret fantasy about being raped by my master on a

I am a 24yr AA female, and I have a secret fantasy about being the pretty little slave girl on a plantation in the 1800s, and being routinely brutally raped by my master/his friends. I feel very guilty about this for obvious reasons, but I can't help it it gets me so wet.

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  • I left a confession of mine with a desire to breed with a black woman. We should talk.

  • Where do you live? I'll be glad to brutalize your worthless fuckholes to my heart's content. I have plenty of friends. We'll just pass you around, all night long, and use you as our personal jack off toy. I'll just leave you a cum filled, cum drenched fuck whore. Remember I own you.

  • Do you have a big cock and a confederate moustache?

  • She wants all that big black cock baby seed inside of her and not knowing who’s black baby it is

  • No she wants her white masters cock.

  • You should feel guilty. This is awful. That being said, i'll bet that you suck cocks real well there with those thick cotton picker slave lips of yours. Don't you, darkie?

  • Yes, I do. I've gotten really good at opening the back of my throat when taking white cock

  • One of the main reasons that I never violated any of my parole restrictions and have been clean for ten years is I was passed around for group sex while in prison. There were some nights that over a dozen men had sex with me while I was bent over a desk and believe me they did not care to much about how it was feeling for me. The first time it happened I was hand cuffed over a small desk with my ankles tied to each leg. I watched the guy walk over and open a drawer, he pulled out a tube of something which turned out to be lube. He lubed up my vagina and ass then put on a condom right in front of my face so I could see what he was about to do. He started in my vagina and finished in my ass, I was hurting pretty good but glad it was over. He walked out of the door closing it behind him but left me there and about five minutes later in walked another guard opening up the same drawer and pulling out a condom.
    My parole officer was not much better, I had to blow him every time he came and checked on me or I would get wrote up and sent back to jail.

  • Tell us nasty things your Master makes you do.

  • Growing up, I had a fantasy about being the owner’s daughter, getting passed around by my daddy’s slaves. I feel equally guilty, but it still gets me going.

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