Co-Worker ass

From time to time me and my co-worker will talk and do nothing and when she stands up, I can’t help but look at her ass because it’s the size and shape of Alexis Texas/Sara Jay, so sometimes when she does or we’re close to each other and I have to get by I grab it, smack it, and I’ve squeezed it a couple times. All she does is just say stop it, but at the same time she smiles or laughs. I know she’s a freak and I do daydream about it, but I know it’ll never happen which is ok as long as I can keep touching that ass!

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  • If she has an ass like Alexis Texas chances are she’s getting some bbc on the side
    Black guys will hit on her continuously until they win.

  • If she's letting you slap her ass, she is clearly thinking about getting "slapped" by your dick too. But be careful, she could wreck your life with a harassment suit. Don't get set up. Tread cautiously.

  • Any woman's ass that is even in the neighborhood of A-Tex's beautuful, bountiful backside is a gift from the Gods. With that said, in today's culture, it's strictly hands off. You may as well walk around with a big sign around your neck that says "Fire me"

  • Not to mention (and it’s only at work) we give each other massages. Sometimes I’ll be in her office looking for paperwork and before I leave she’ll want me to massage her or I just do it myself...but yeah she takes it as fun so no worries.

  • If she takes it in fun, no problem. My former business associate was a petite, pretty woman with a perfect ass, especially in jeans, and I had many occasions where, because we got along so well and people thought we were together anyway, I'd grab or smack her perfect little ass. She'd smile and laugh.

    During a meeting break with a company we contracted with, she had on tight, faded jeans tucked into black boots, and her ass looked incredible. The one sales guy (who hated me for spending so much time with her), saw her leaning over a chair, went behind her, wound up, and flat-handed her ass, hard, nearly sending her over the chair. She shrieked with laughter, and I later told her..I get to do that next..But more.

  • She will sue the company and you will get fired. Dumbass

  • My thoughts exactly

  • You're a lawsuit waiting to happen, you stupid fuck.

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