My boss fucked my girlfriend

We had a happy hour in May where wives and girlfriends were invited. We are mostly men and only a few wives/girlfriends showed up. After a couple of hours it was just my girlfriend, my boss and two other guys and we were all pretty drunk. My girl was in a very flirty mood and my boss was monopolizing her attention. By the time I noticed it was hard to get between them. The other guys noticed and razzed me a little and I played it cool and said they were just having fun, it was no big deal.

My boss overheard at one point. He started to stroke my girlfriend's bare leg. He turned to me and said, "it's not a big deal, right...just for fun?"

My girlfriend and my boss were both looking up at me, and I didn't know what to say. I just nodded dumbly and after that he kept his hand on her leg. The other guys eventually left and it was almost more embarrassing to be the third wheel with the to of them. When we finally left, he pulled her to him and gave her a long kiss goodnight while I stood there. I thought that was it but when I got a taxi for us, she said she really wanted to take him back for a drink. I guess I knew where it was going, but I felt like it was too late to turn back.

When we got back to our place he had her stripped quickly and they fucked in the living room. I just let it happen and jacked off. Now most of the guys in the office know.

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  • You jerked off, you are a Cuckold. Enjoy it but have an understanding with your GF. Are you both together no matter what-good, if you don't have that understanding, some other guy will take her from you and make her his sex toy.

  • I watched while my mate fucked my wife with me eventually joining in. It has been a regular happening every time he comes but the best part is when he starts to strip her and her actually enjoying it

  • A Cuckold's dream

  • Have fun..share her, dont be greedy

  • Funny...he has said similar things to me. made me tell him i am happy to share.

  • Your relationship is over. Don't let that happen again.

  • Https://

  • She should purchase a cock cage for you, lock your prick and keep you in chastity, make you dress in a French maids outfit and clean his car when he comes over to fuck her, you really will enjoy it.

  • Youre a cuck now. Enjoy as she gets fucked harder and better than you ever could

  • Yes, he has come to out place three times since then and fucked her dominantly.

  • Does that mean he fucked her up the arse ?

  • Gross. so did you join in and video it? bet you will next time.

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