Hot...but does nothing for trust

On Monday I had an early finish at work, (lunchtime) so I thought I would surprise my wife and turn up and take her out for food. I pulled up in the driveway, I could hear music on, (She likes loud music as she cleans) there on the living room floor was her friend Louise laying there while my wife was on top tribbing her. Both naked and soaked with sweat. They didn't even notice me in the hallway. My wife swung around and lowered her pussy on to Louises face, were they 69ing each other. I walked out, got in the car, drove around the corner and rung my wife. She answered and I said "you sound out of breath." She said she was scrubbing the house. I said "well I'll be home in 5 mins, fancy going out?" I could hear the panic in her voice. I hung up and watched 3 minutes later as her friend hurriedly along PUSHING a fucking pushchair with her baby in it. What the hell. I've not said anything but I can't help but feel slightly pissed.

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  • Op update. Shes gone and begging to come back, begging for money. Once the rage settles down who knows how I'll feel. But I'll never forgive a cheat.

  • Oh wow. Sorry to hear that

  • Cheating is cheating. she should of talked to you about it and let you watch if you wanted to but she hid it, lied and now she should pay..... I would do the same after jerking off of course.

  • Any developments?

  • Yes, not that she knows. I'm playing the dutiful husband at the moment.
    I've put everything in my mother's name, the house, the cars, caravan and I've taken all our savings. I've left the current accounts the same so she's just using the card for bills and shopping etc. I've had a private eye following her, for a week. I'm going to wait until august 19th, her birthday then she'll be handed divorce papers. I can't wait to see her face. I can't wait to see her take her cases to Louises dump of a stinking house with all her feral children running around, loud and undisciplined. While my wife sobs at all she's lost.

  • Does your wife take it up the arse ?

  • Why don’t you try fuckin her friend

  • Just blow your load in her pussy and let her girlfriend lick her clean

  • Sex is sex dude! Join them if you can and make it threesome :)

  • I also think your just a prick, heaps of guys I know really want their wives to have a Lesbian relationship it is plenty better than having her fuck around with other men and clearly healthier.

  • Just accept the situation they just love having a nice little play with each other.
    Get off your high horse you smart arse prick, my wife has affairs with three of her girlfriends and they don't even mind if I watch occasionaly she will give me a blow job while her girlfriend rides her with a strapon up the arse it is so great.

  • From your post and your comments, you are being taken advantage of pretty severely. It might be time to hire a divorce attorney. It would be one thing if your wife asked you for permission to have sex with Louise, or made you an equal partner in their pleasure escapades, but all you have gotten is lying, deceit, and a drained bank account. That Louise bitch needs a good hard fuck in the ass to show her who is the boss in your house. She is disrespecting you and your marriage.

  • Https://

  • Op here- I always thought it would be hot. I often had fantasies of lesbians when masturbating. Until you are put in the position of real life, it ain't what you thought it would be. I feel devastated and I'm snapping at her. Shes asking what's wrong, and I'm dying to say 'fuck off you tramp.' I fucking hate her right now.

  • Tell her to invite her back over for a threesone. If she refuses kick her out and change the locks and kill the bank cards

  • Don’t say something you’ll regret. Let the anger wear off before you speak. Maybe you’ll want to end the marriage, maybe you’ll want to let her play. But you can’t know what you want right now. Emotions are running too high. I’m sorry man. Let me know as time goes on.

  • Just the more I think about it, the more I've been a fucking mug. They've taken me for a right fool. Repairs on Louises car...her house. My wife has given her money to help her put, cos She's a single mother - ALL out of my fucking wages. i dont get it, I thought our relationship was perfect. I really felt content. She says she's going over Louises tomorrow for coffee. I'm going to invite myself over and be the biggest cuntblock EVER.

  • Maintain your composure. Don’t take a situation where you’re right and make yourself wrong. Keep in mind, once you tell her you know, your attitude about it is sealed. I know you don’t want this to be over. Ask yourself, are you prepared for her to dump you for her? Or would you rather consider an open relationship? Maybe it’ll be a three way? I can’t answer these questions for you. But you’ve got to handle this with a level head.

  • Well when I insisted on coming over, my wife says change of plans, one of her 6 kids is ill. Yeah right. The creepy thing in all this, is my wife has not changed one little bit. Her attitude, her whole body language. Which just shows me she's a fantastic liar.

  • Don't be such a prick, this isn't the end of the earth and it should not be the end of your marriage, wake up !!

  • Can you not read? My wife CHEATED on me. It dont matter if it was with a male, female or a fucking t-rex. Just because it's with a fucking woman, doesn't make it right. I'm sure as shit you wouldn't be all saying this if it was another man. What of your wife cheated with another man? The same man you've helped out financially?

  • Well I certainly would not be too impressed if my wife was rooting around with guys however girls is another matter I would like that.

  • I agree, a cheat is a cheat. Fucking lies are the worst

  • No when she leaves, put her stuff on the curb first. Change the locks, then go over. If they refuse you then tell her what you’ve done.

  • Don't follow this advice!! Depending on where you live, this can be construed as domestic vandalism, which carries mandatory order of protection and arrest. If you're gonna dump her dump her, but don't get arrested and screwed in the process. Honestly, if it were me, I'd bring it up, say that I'm pissed about the whole thing, but also leave it open to possibly keep going. You can either: A) get a threesome B) open the marriage up or C) end it if you two are not sexually compatible. My wife never cheats, but is so sexually conservative, it's downright boring, I guess the grass is greener, good luck

  • Fully support your wife in her lesbian relationship she will love you a whole lot more for it.
    Have a nice calm talk to her explaining you know all about it and you support her if she wishes that you don't see them when they are together tell her to text you when her girlfriend is coming over and leaving.
    My wife has had a girlfriend for since before we were married and neither mind if they are in the act and I wander by they don't even mind if I stop and watch however we still have a fantastic sex life.

  • You won't be able to stop this. My ex-wife was the same way. When they started hammering each other with strap-ons I wasn't really needed in the bedroom. Like it or not, your wife thinks she is a better fuck than you. Sorry, bro.

  • You feel pissed because she is cheating on you. The fact that its with another woman doesn't matter, its still cheating.

  • 2nd that

  • Why did u not join in for a threesome ?

  • It will happen again. Wait until then to barge in. I’m pretty sure your wife and her friend will let you fuck both of them. Nothing is better than a good cock for a couple of girls fooling around.

  • You should have barged in and watched and demanded they both fuck you. Man up.

  • Agree. A perfect missed opportunity

  • Easy to say from a point of fantasy. But placed in that situation? Who knows what one might (or might not) do. As said above, it’s still cheating. Unless the humiliation turns you on, you have to confront the situation one way or another.

  • It would of had been humiliating if she was with another man but being with a woman means shes exploring her sexuality. A hard cock for both of them is what was needed

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