Sex with mom

My wife’s mom has this really nice ass and depending on the pants she’s wearing makes it look really nice. There are times I’m literally right next to her and no one’s around and I just want to grab a handful or do something as if it were a mistake. And other days I dream about bending her over and fucking her till she screams my name. The pants she has on today are perf! And I just want her so bad!

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  • I had sex with my MIL once after a party we had at our house. My wife got completely wasted drinking herself into a passed out mess, my MIL and I got her cleaned up and in bed. We were talking on the way out of the bedroom and I laughed telling her that she always passes out after drinking and is quite the light weight. My MIL commented that I was not getting lucky with her tonight in that condition and I laughed a little bit but was surprised hearing her talk about sex so casually.
    I told her about an hour later that I was going to turn in and she told me she would like to get lucky tonight if I was up for it, she is pretty hot and only in her forties but I laughed again telling her she had to be joking. She got on her knees right in front of me and began undoing my shorts. I stood there and watched her pull them down and swallow my cock right down. We had some great sex that night downstairs in the spare bedroom.

  • Have you tried touching it casually? Like maybe walk up to her, put your hand on it, and ask her a simple question or something? Don't make it the focus, but act like it is natural.

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