Makes me suck him

I have no idea why but my husband will come home sometimes and walk in from the garage with his penis sticking out of his zipper. He will then chase me down and make me suck it. I have no idea why this turns me on so much but I love it. He tries to sneak in so that he can catch me from behind but most of the time I already know he is home. I even just look at him sometimes and just kneel down but I think he likes the chase or sneaking up on me, he seems to have some deep down urge to do this with me and I try to make it fun for him.

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  • You are nice to him and obviously love him, but he is demonstrating really strange behavior. Have fun and enjoy, but keep an eye on him. The next thing you know is that he's going to whip it out at Walmart or something. He's not acting right.

  • Prude. He's her husband, get the stick out of your ass.

  • He probably has a rape fantasy, and it's possible you do too ! You might want to talk about it.

  • This is definitely the case. Try resisting, fighting him off, but panties and braless of course

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