Oral blowjob

I am a male of 52 years old married to a very attractive fit wife and I myself am fit and attractive.
Ever since i can remember I’ve had this huge urge to want to see what it feels like to suck on another mans cock.To put it in my mouth soft and knowing I’m maki g it grow is a huge turn on.
I’ve actually discussed this with my wife in the middle of having hot sex. I’ve asked her to tell me how much she enjoyed sucking all those cocks back in her younger days in College.
I’ve even told her how I’d love to be able to watch her suck an attractive young mans cock while I watch( she has a ting for younger guys) she’s even asked me what I would do. I’ve told her I would stroke my cock and watch how slutty she would get having her first young cock again and we both get so hot and excited. I’m being totally honest when I say I’d be more than willing to eat both of them clean with no problem.My wife loves that idea of both sharing him.
When ever we go out to eat or bar hopping she gets so much attention or stares.One night when we were in Vegas we came so close to having a young waiter join us back to our room and this was so hot because it wasn’t even planned.This was the sign I needed that showed my wife Chrisit was ready for it and that she wanted to to taste his cock and I wanted to see it. Even the waiter was having fun with her flirting back and when I heard my wife ask him what time he got off and if he knew any exciting places to party that he knew of . My wife even asked him if he didn’t find her attractive and he blushed saying oh hell yes it’s just that his girlfriend was picking him up after his shift. He even attempted to pretend he had something come up to avoid leaving with her. Any ways this event has sparked so much fun and after we left and the hot topic came up. My wife admitted if she would have found a way to hook up with this guy even if it was for a quick blowjob. She had the total hots for him. Is there any other guys in this similar situation where you have everything you want or need but have this desire?

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  • Sure, and we have acted on it. I talked to a guy friend whom I knew was bisexual and he agreed to a threesome. We had a nice evening, and gradually got down to it. He pulls off his shorts and has a fat erection. She strips and goes down on him, immediately, but I can tell she's not into it. When he spins her around to fuck her, she pulls away. He comes over and goes down on me. She watches for a bit, then gets dressed and leaves the room. Later she tells me, " His cock tasted bad, and I want a REAL man, not some half fag !" So, I let her pick the next guy. He's really young, barely out of his teens, a big and beautiful cock, and not bisexual at all ! She was really into him, and sucked and fucked the hell out of him. He liked telling me to, "Watch ! Watch me ! See what I'm doing to your wife with this prime prick !" He pulls out and shoots his spunk all over her tummy and tits. Then, he wants me to lick it off, but, since he doesn't want me touching him, or him touching me, I refuse, and I dress and leave the room. A foursome, with a couple we both like, works better.

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