Impregnated a Junior Cheerleader

I was working overseas a few years ago when this happened.

I was the sport coordinator at a small private Catholic school. Doesn't matter where. I love the job cause i always got to watch the teen girls doing their activities.

Anyway, i was asked since i had a spare day coming up to run a trial sex education class. I hadn't done anything like this before, but ok. A week later the day came around and i was told i would do a class 3 groups, 11, 12 and 13 years. The first up was going to be the older girls then down to the youngest.

With planning i had already chosen a girl and asked her before the class to help me. She agreed and said it would be fun. The girl was 13, very cute, already had maybe B cup breasts and a perfect little body. She happened to be the head cheerleader for the Junior squad. The best part is she is sexy, but pretty dumb, naive and really not clued on.

The class began and i wasn't going to go through with my plan, but a student asked if we could show what i meant by a few facts. I told the class that i thought it best to do a few demonstrations, pretend and let them see. Well it took about half the lesson, but i finally had her where i needed her. Bent over the desk, her skirt high up around her waist and only her panties in the way. I pointed to her body parts and finally a girl asked about her pussy and i told my model i would show them.

10 minutes later i was explaining the hymen and i was behind her with my pants open and cock out. I told her i would show them her hymen and what happens when you are no longer a virgin. I slowly pushed into her to a few gasps, but once i pushed into her hymen i told her that i will break hers to show everyone. She kinda said she didn't want too, but i was already pushing hard. I only lasted another 2 minutes and i told her i would show them all what they shouldn't let any boys do to them and i cummed so hard inside her. I pulled out and let them all see the cum leaking and said that if this was real sex then this would have gotten her pregnant.

I really was surprised i got away with it, so i asked her to model for the second and third class. By the time i finished the last lesson, i had fucked her doggy the first time, her lying on her back on the desk, legs in the air the second time and me holding her up against the blackboard the third. I had pumped every load i could into her naive young pussy, her still thinking i was pretending.

The rumors of what i did took a few weeks to spread, but by the time i knew i had to go, she came to see me on my last day to tell me that the school nurse did a pregnancy test with her and she was pregnant.

I left the school and the country, moving back home 2 days later.


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  • I also agree it's farfetched but i wanked reading it

  • If this is true and I really doubt that I would really love to have you naked wrists cuffed to ankles and your legs spread wide then from behind kick you so hard in the nuts as soon as you half recover it would be on again all afternoon.
    Your a prick even thinking and printing this

  • Shame this is made up, as it's very hot.

  • Sure.
    You're lying, but if this is true you deserve a brutal beating.

  • Arsehole

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