Daughter got tits

Well how and where do I start from about 14 I wanted my daughter she developed huge tits 36dd at her young age and boy did I enjoy looking down her top or watching her school blouse struggle to contain them. Bigger than her mom by a distance and a firm favourite with her daddy.
I found ways to get close she would hug me tight pushing her tits against me I would hold her there feeling them squashed against my chest the urge to fondle her ass and lift her skirt was so amazing to imagine ripping her blouse open and making her a woman.
As she got older she found out about sex and many a guy fucked her she was a bit too easy and her dad still wanted a piece of her body anyway I get my chance after a call at 5am drunk to collect her from a night out she is wasted so I gather courage helping her to the car slip my hand up her short skirt feeling her ass firm cheek I'm so turned on I pin her against the car to open the door keeping her tight against me helping her into the car I fondle her tits and ass her thighs all this with her worried mom at home thinking is her daughter safe well yes and no I finally get her strapped in the car skirt up top pulled under her bra lovely view and I'm so hard I drive her some way and find a quiet spot to see how far we can go I ring het mom say we may be a while I'm going to sober her up a bit before getting her home think now my 19 year old daughter though drunk realises her dad's got a raging hard on and her clothes almost off she to my surprise starts kissing me my hands all over her she lets me do everything to her I'm fucking her so hard I cum deep inside her tight pussy she loves every minute I take her home after her mom has no idea we just fucked and I say I'll put her to bed after another quick blow job off her.
As I cum she says daddy hope mom doesn't find out you fucked me that would be awful smiling at me and saying we can come to an arrangement her body for my cash which I Instantly accept getting to fuck her anytime under my wife's nose amazing and worth every penny.


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  • It's tough to watch your daughter's turn into women, my daughter's are knock outs and both have large breasts. I'm not interested sexually in my daughter's, there my babies and I want them to love and trust me as a father and a man. Not as a incestuous sexual deviant who has no moral fibre. I want them to know that there is good men in the world, how could you look them in the eyes when they grow up to be adults.

  • 36dd love her bit wanks

  • My favourite size of breasts let me At them she can hug me anytime

  • Let's see some pictures

  • And she can have it as long as I'm having her on a regular basis

  • She gots you where she wants you now. She can blackmail you for anything she wants.

  • I would have started at 5 years old!

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