Sex with a younger girl

Being too busy with work to date I took out an ad to pay a girl for an afternoon of sex. I get laid she gets money everyone happy. a girl answered who was 20 (I'm 41). I picked her up and brought her to a motel and it was a bit awkward at first but once we got there she was game. she started giving me head with her tongue ring and it was great. when I told her to get on top she didn't ask to put a condom on just hopped on and started riding. I then fucked her doggy and missionary and blew inside her. after I couldn't believe she let me and that I did it. she had such a great tight young body but was a bit of a hoodrat. we fucked a couple of more times after that and then I dropped her off at the mall. looking back I really wonder why this girl would let a strange guy fuck her bareback and cum inside her.

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  • Look up "blue waffle" online. You'll never go bareback with a stranger, again !

  • I'd be worried about STDs. I've been treated twice for them and it's no picnic to have symptoms. Thankfully mine were curable and I didn't get shit like HIV or herpes or other incurable shit. You need to be much more careful. There is bad shit out there.

  • I totally understand. But my dilemma is meeting females at a classy part of town. I think just cause they happen to wear nice clothes, fancy purses, shiny watches and they drive nice cars they are free of any disease.
    I counted 13 girls that I had spontaneous sex in 2017 and with no condom.Most will approach me as the night gets later.. the small chat will be are you married? Some say yes and some say seeing a guy. For some reason this turns me totally on knowing they are sneaking around. After flirty talk and many drinks later I’ll pop the question do you want to go somewhere where we can be in private.
    I’m sure many men have no idea and they think their wives or girlfriends are just getting in some nice alone time with their girlfriend

  • Lol I've let guys nut inside me several times. I always tell them "i never do this" but I really just like the feeling.

  • Young people take risks, they think they are immortal.

  • When I was twenty two I was fucking a guy who was forty five . He was buying me nice stuff, and giving me money. His only stipulation was no condoms and he could cum in me or on me at his discretion. I did get pregnant. And have gave me a lot of money and has continued to pay child support but I hadn't seen him in almost eight years. He was married and didn't want to get caught.

    I saw him a few weeks ago and it was like being twenty two again. He had me on my knees blowing him within minutes and it ended with me taking his load all over again. We have been texting again and I plan on seeing him again. And I know once we see each other again I'll be ready and willing to do everything he wants to.

  • I've had several of the young hostess and server girls at the sports bar I go to..Can always tell which ones are into it and which to probably avoid, but, for the most part...I've found most are into it. Gave a ride home to one cute, 19 year old hostess one night, and as I drove, she reached her long-nailed fingers to my crotch and said "We're doing this (sex), right? Or did I read your offer to take me home wrong?".. Told her nope, not wrong...I had every intent on fucking her wild as soon as we were inside her apartment. And we did.

    There have been a bunch of others, but none better than an absolutely gorgeous, tall, fit-bodied blonde, with sky-blue eyes, sexy as hell, and even I admit..Out of my league even with her being 20. I worked on her every week, in person and text, and one early evening when she was off her shift (they weren't busy at all), said she was "up for adventure" with me. Ended up back at my house, drinking a bit, and going at it in bed until the next morning..I still count her as a feather in my cap..

  • I work as a waitress and always have guys hitting on me. But the only guy that has taken me home was an older guy in his late 40's, maybe 50's, a regular at the restraint. But he kept me up late into the night. Found out later on he had slept with a lots of females of staff. Something about an older guy is just such a turn on.

  • Sometimes girls just don't care. I had low self esteem out of high school and I met a guy in his mid 40's. 45 or 46, something like that. I was 18, and I would meet up with him and let him do whatever he wanted to me. No condom. No worries. As far as I was concerned I was a slut to be used. And he used me a lot.

  • You weren't worried about STD's or getting pregnant? Did he pull out or just go with it?

  • I'm not the girl from before. But I'm fucking a forty seven year old man, and I'm only twenty. I don't worry about it. I love the risk of it all. I love saying choke me daddy to an older guy. There is something sexy about fucking an older guy.

  • That’s how I get pregnant. You got played.

  • Can you say STD ??

  • Man are you saying you did not keep her number and name ?

  • No I still have her name and number. She said next time I was in her area to give her a shout to get together again. But as far as she knows, she may have ended up with an STD or pregnant and would have no way of getting a hold of me (other than an anonymous email account). That's why I'm so confused why she let me do that

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