Sex with a man at age 9 and liked it.

When I was 9 years old, a neighbor man named Mike (Mike was about 55 years old I think) asked me if I wanted to go swimming in his pool. It was a hot summer day so I told him I had to ask my mom. Mike was a friend of my parents. My mom said yes. I changed into a pair of OP shorts. When I walked into Mike’s back yard he was standing there in a pair of Speedo’s next to the pool cleaning the filter. He told me that I could get in if I wanted. I took off my T-shirt and dropped my towel on the concrete next to the steps. I started to walk down the steps into the pool. The water was a little cold so I stopped when the water got up to the bottom of my shorts. I sat down on the steps. The cold water felt good. I then got up and jumped in. Mike finished with the pool filter and jumped in. I swam to the deep end of the pool and was floating next to the edge. Mike dove under water and swam up under me; I could see him under the water. The next thing I felt was Mike giving a little tug down on my shorts. He came up next to me and was laughing so I laughed too. He was looking at my nipples and said “I see your nipples getting hard”. I didn't know what to say. He said “it's the cold water that is making them hard”. He told me that it was normal and that his were hard too. He took my hand and put it on his nipple. He said “see, do you feel my hard nipples”? I said “yes”. There was an inner tube floating near us, I swam over to it and got up on it. Mike came up under me and turned me over in the water. I said “that was fun” and we started wrestling in the water. I felt Mike’s arm brush against my penis a couple of times and it started to get hard. I was a little embarrassed because I knew Mike could feel it on his arm so I swam to the shallow side of the pool. Mike asked me “is there something wrong”? I said “no”. He then swam over to me and asked if I was embarrassed about something. I told him kinda. He said “I could feel your little penis getting hard when we were wrestling and that it was normal”. He took my hand and put it on his penis. It was hard too. He said “see mine is hard too, it's normal”. I didn't say anything. By that time my penis got soft again so I lifted myself up & sat on the edge of the pool with my feet still in the water. Mike swam up and asked me if he could touch it. I said I guess so. He gently spread my legs apart and started rubbing on my wet shorts. It felt soooo good, there was NO WAY I was going to tell him to stop. I just laid back on the concrete and stared up at the clouds. I could feel everything he was doing. Then the dogs next door started barking and I sat up really quick and said there is someone coming. Mike said “that the dogs barking at the mail man”. I told him I didn't want to get in trouble. He reminded me that he lived alone and that no one was going to walk in. He then got out of the pool and started walking towards the garage. He turned to me and said “you should check this out”. I got up and followed him into the garage. There was a small, new bed in there. He asked me to sit down on the side of the bed like I did with the pool. When I sat down Mike asked me if I liked the feeling of him touching me down there, I said “yes”. He asked me if he could do it again, I said “I guess soo”. Then he got down on his knees, came up to my legs and gently spread them apart again. He got up between my legs and started rubbing my wet shorts again. I just laid back on the bed and was looked up at the rafters in the garage. I didn't see what Mike was doing but I could feel everything. It felt soo good! Mike asked me if he could take off my wet swim shorts, I said “I guess so”. I was still lying back on the bed. He asked me to lift my butt up off the bed. When I did I could feel my shorts sliding down to my knees. Mike then asked me to put my butt back down on the bed and lift my feet up off the ground, when I did I could feel my wet shorts sliding all the way off. I put my feet back down on the ground but I didn't sit up. I felt Mike start feeling around my crotch again. He asked me if I wanted him to stop and I said no. I felt soo good I never wanted him to stop. Then Mike asked me to lift my legs up and when I did I felt him guide my legs down over his shoulders. The next thing I felt was a warm, wet & slippery feeling around my little penis. I lifted my head up and looked down. I saw Mike sucking on my hard little penis. Seeing that got my penis harder so I laid my head back down on the bed. Right about then I just realized that I am laying on a bed, in a neighbors garage, completely nude with a man sucking on me. That was the strangest & best feeling I have ever felt in my 9 years!! Mike kept sucking my hard little penis and now started rubbing my little balls. He started sucking faster & faster In & out, in & out. I could feel him rubbing my balls faster & faster. It felt soooo good!!!! Right about then I got this feeling like I had to pee. I told Mike that I had to get up and go to the bathroom to pee. Mike told me to just go ahead & pee right there. He kept going faster & faster, in & out, in & out. I started breathing harder. I could feel my heart beating faster & faster. I tried to hold the pee for as long as I could. Mike just kept on sucking & rubbing on me. Wow it felt soo great. I told Mike that I could not hold it any more, He said “just let it all go”. So I did! I lifted my head up and let it all go!!!! I watched Mike drink everything that came out of my 9 year old, hard little penis.
It was a strange thing to watch. All I could think was that Mike just drank my pee and it didn't make him mad. A while latter Mike looked up at me and asked me if I was finished. I told him I think so. Mike then asked me to sit up. When I did Mike started to explain to me what he just did and what my body did & why. He told me that it was NOT pee coming out of my penis but it was seamen or cum coming out of my 9 year old dick.
He asked me to take my hand and rub the head of my dick and get some of my cum on my finger so that I could taste it. I said “no”. My parents told me that if I ever drink pee it would get me sick. Mike then reminded me and said “your parents are right, if you drink pee or urine (it’s the same thing), you will get sick but that’s not pee, its seamen or cum”.
Mike said “go ahead and taste it, it won’t hurt you, I just drank a lot of your cum & I’m OK”. After hearing that I did what he asked me to do. When I did, I didn't like the taste of it and I told Mike that. He said that's OK because he loves it!!
That was the first time Mike & I played like that. After that Mike & I played every chance we got for 3 years.
Mike treated me very well and never tried to force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. That is the main reason I never told on him. Another reason is because it felt soo good!!!
I honestly think in some strange way he loved me.


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  • I was 12 years old when my mother's boyfriend introduced me to homosexual sex. He was the father figure I never had, he was my idol and I really really liked him a lot. So when he wanted to have sex with me, I didn't resist him at all. I was willing and eager, and liked the attention I got. And to be honest, I enjoyed having sex with him, it was exciting and I enjoyed it. The first couple of times taking his huge cock up my asshole was scary and very painful, but I even liked that because my cock was rock hard the whole time. After a little bit of experience being fucked, his big cock slid right in with no problem. I sucked his cock almost every day, and probably swallowed a gallon of cum after about 3 years of sucking his cock. My mother finally caught us having sex, she came home early from night shift at the hospital, and walked into the basement bedroom while he had me bent over the end of the bed, fucking me in the ass. It was a bad scene, and ended there relationship that moment. I never felt abused or molested in any way by him, it was something that I wanted to do. I am bisexual, but only have sex with boys. I have had sex with 9 boys in the past, as young as 5 years old and as old as 13 years old.

  • I loved reading about you & your moms boyfriend!
    Could you tell me about the 9 boy in your past.
    I would love to hear (in detail) about your sex with the 5 year old.

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