Topless sunbathing

Me and a friend have just had a cheap beach holiday to celebrate end of studies at university. We spent alot of time on the beach, and as we tanned face down we undid our bikini tops to avoid a tan line. One time, my friend dared me to take the top off and turn on my back, to sunbathe topless. I did and she followed. We were not alone but most the other women were old and didn't care, we are both 21. I laid there, eyes closed knowing men walking by would all be watching, and it was a turn on. A few times i opened an eye and there was always somone looking.
When we flipped back, i dared my friend to remove her bottoms but she wouldn't, so i did. I felt very nervous to be fully naked on the beach, but i was turned on also, i even patter my legs for a bit so that my pussy was on show.
Fast forward, time to flip again, this time fully naked face up. Very nervous but shut my eyes and did it. When it was time to go, i opened my eyes and there were 2 boys, early teens staring at me naked and my friend topless, with mouth open and bulging swim shorts. I was happy for them to look, don't know why, just let it happen.
To walk back to our hotel, my friend wanted to put her bikini top on but u dared her to walk back topless. I just wrapped a sarong round me, but made sure the join was by my pussy so i flashed as i walked.
It wasn't far up the beach but we got alot of wolf whistles and guys calling out. At the hotel the security guard would not let us in without dressing.
He was hansom and i like a man in uniform so i asked him for a selfie. It was me, topless with a sarong and his security hat, hansom guard, and my topless friend. As he reached out to take the selfie the sarong dropped and i was fully naked in the pic. Afterwards we dressed gave the guard a kiss and went in. In the room i said i needed a shower bu was just so horny i went and got myself off as quietly as possible, it was quick. LOL
I am normally a shy girl and never been topless, i don't know how it happened but i enjoyed it.

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  • That sounds like a great time. Great story.

  • Looking back, i can't believe i did it, but great confidence boost, and i felt so sexy and turned on. Are you m or f, age?

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