College sex games

When I was going to college I was part of a group of friends that was very experimental sexually. We would change ordinary games like spin the bottle, twister or even chess and create different rules which always led to sexual fun. One of my favorites ones was spin the bottle but we called it spin for a partner. So we all got into a circle and if the sexes were even then we would be boy then girl around the circle. You spun the bottle to see who your partner was for the next sexual event you then spun a modified twister spinner to see what you had to lick or suck. So if say I was spinning and the bottle landed on another girl, she was now my partner and then she would spin to see what I had to lick or suck. We had areas that read "Lick genitals or suck genitals and Lick nipples". I would then have to do what ever it was to her for two minutes and we had a timer for that taken from another game.
We kept it all oral but it was great fun watching everyone play and we all had a great time. We also had a wild part of this game and it was always a blast. So we took the twister spinner and drew two lines that were very close together, like only the width of the needle on the spinner. If the needle stopped in between those lines you turned to the person to your right and had to lick or suck their genitals for two minutes while we were all in a big circle. It was absolutely hilarious seeing all of us get creative enough to do it, most of the time the guys just laid on their backs and got under us but sometimes I would end up with a girl on my left or right so I was licking her which I thought was awesome. I was a closet lesbian at that time in my life but really loved to go down on a woman.

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