Post-Workout Orgasm

I went jogging yesterday (it was so warm) in my shorts and tank/sports bra. I was teasing myself with the idea of jilling off after my run, and by the end of it, I was heated up and rearing to go.

I gulped down some water in the kitchen, pulled off my shorts and grabbed my purple dildo out of the drawer while I put on some Sade on pandora.

I fell onto my bed and circled my nipples over my bra top, feeling them already hard. I didn't even have to touch myself to know my pussy was dripping wet. I kicked off my panties, spread my warm, wet lips and shuddered as I dragged my fingertip along my swollen clit.

I propped myself up, pulling down my top and bra straps to my waist, my tits springing out of my top. I grabbed my hard nipples and gave them a tug, moaning with excitement.

I wrapped my hands around the dildo and found my wet eager hole, moaning with pleasure as it filled me up slowly and fully. I was in heaven.

I began sliding the thick dildo in and out of my tight pussy, rubbing my clit with my other hand.

I felt my orgasm build as I began fucking myself harder, faster. I began moaning out, "Oh yes, oh shit!"

I pulled my legs up to my chest and began bucking my hips as I pounded myself, eager to claim my orgasm. I felt my wet pussy gush as I climaxed, gasping and moaning, "Oh, oh, oh fuck!" I felt my pussy spasming against the cock filling me up, riding out my orgasmic bliss.

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  • The vision of you hot and sweaty after a jog is awesome, I'd love to see you strip off and Jill yourself off.
    Can we know more about you. Nothing personal, just age, appearance, what you are in to etc?

  • Thanks ;) I'm 24 and 5'4" with brown curly hair. I'm smaller up top but have curvy hips/butt.
    If you mean sexually, I'm into all kinds of things. I like to run, hike, kayak, pretty much anything outdoors.

  • I'm 28 6'1", pretty good shape but work in progress. I often jack off after a run. I think post run sex would be pretty animal and aggressive due to the adrenaline. Do you like a hard fuck or preferred to be caressed?
    Do you hit the gym or stick to the great outdoors? You sound hot, i bet you turn heads as you run

  • Hi, I'm 19 from Uk and i always Jill off after runs, it makes me so horny for some reason. I love it when guys check me out as i run, and love showing off my body in tank tops/sports bras and yoga pants/ shorts. I go to a popular running area and i get guys following me to watch my ass bob up and down as i run. I tend to masterbate in the shower but sometimes fantasy gets the better of me and i fantasize about a big man giving it to me, i throw my sweaty self on my bed and force myself with my dildo tearing my own shorts off like my fantasy man was having his will with me. Now i associate running and sex, i get very wet running, i cant tell how much of my soaking panties is sweat and how much is girl juice. A couple of weeks ago it went further, i was running through the park and had sex on my mind, it was early and quiet, i found a secluded spot and slipped my hand in my shorts and jilled off in a public park. I have a feeling that might become a thing i do. Eve 19

  • When I was 25 I had my own place.I was a single guy so rented my spare room to a friend.His girlfriend would stay over sometimes.When she got back from morning jogs she looked so sexy with sweat covering her body.I couldn't help looking at her when she wouldn't notice.But the best time I saw her was when she was in the bedroom,she had obviously stripped for a shower and was laying across the bed nude.She had music on so wouldn't have heard me get nearer to the door,as I peaked thru the gap between door and frame.Then she started rubbing herself and my cock went rock hard.I watched until she got herself off.Then quietly left to my room where I smashed one off.

  • Mmm love imagining you all hot and eager after running babygirl. Your Body all sweaty, your pussy slick with girl juice

  • Wow, thank you ;)

  • I'm a mid thirties married mum of 3 and I have to say I recently "discovered" porn.If I'm home alone,older kids at school and youngest napping,I will watch porn and fuck myself stupid with one of my dildos.I guess its healthy but I do look at other guys and wonder about their dick size.I've also on occasion,during masturbating,thought of other men fucking me.I can't help but think that this might lead to cheating.

  • I am 23 and like you my mind wanders and I started in fantasizing about other guys and last month was my first time straying from my husband and the guy had me going on him hard and in no time had me cumming on him over and over till I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't hear of it and kept fucking me for the best part of the afternoon filling my pussy with his spunk three times..
    Her calls me his hot momma and loves to fuck me hard and I love it when he becomes a animal and fucks me where he wants and fills me with his cum over and over. Yesterday he surprised me and he his brother join in as he already had me nude and the way he was talking to me I agreed to the three some with him and his brother and for four hours I was theirs for the taking .

  • I know, I got into porn a couple years ago when I caught my husband watching it. At first I was annoyed at him but I've found so much hot stuff and whenever he's out of town I get to fantasize about the things we don't do in bed.

  • Fantastic really great to hear you had a good time

  • Thanks!

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