Granny porn normal for you guys?

So, my bf watches granny porn. I look at his search history all the time because the minute I walk out of the house he's watching porn, and I like to see what he's watching. It's usually milfs and he's has actually searched for "granny porn". He's watched stuff with REALLY old women, like in their 80s. Is this normal for you guys? We're both in our 20s and we have a good sex life, but I'm a bit worried why he's always watching old women!!

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  • I'm no angel when it comes to watching porn, but my desire to see grandmas get it on is zero. It's not normal dear.

  • Everybody had some type of kink going. I have fucked several granny's. It was ok. I am a black 22 year old and my real kink is fucking married white women. So I really don't care how old they are they just need to be white and married. I especially love first timers. Those eyes get so damm big when they see my bbc. I have really strain not to laugh. So let your bf watch the old girls get married to him and I will fuck your brains out LOL

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