I love my panties

Some years ago I discovered that I like to wear my wife's panties. I t started when she started wearing the polyester kind that feel kind of silky. They felt good on my skin when I used them to masturbate with. Then I thought, "Why not try them on? They might feel nice. They did. I loved it. I wore them for about 15 minutes and masturbated in them. Very nice.

About a year ago, she went out of town and took all of her polyester panties with her. The cotton ones are just not the same. So I went to Walmart and bought my own. Now I wear MY panties every morning while I watch porn. Some time in my viewing I masturbate and have a very enjoyable release. I am wearing my black polyester panties right now while I'm typing this.

Next, I get to rub myself. Very nice. Thanks for reading this confession.

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  • Honey are you a tugger (pull yourself off) or an Ankener (use leg pressure) ?

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