Granddaughter wants my dick

My 19 year old granddaughter is always flirting with me and showing me more of her big tits and ass, she has told me that she has always wanted me to take her camping and have sex.
I love her dearly and would love to have sex with her but she is my granddaughter!
what would you do if it was you?

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  • You are both adults so what's the problem, its in the family satisfy both your needs

  • The trending headline brought me here. I have a 15 year old non-blood relative that has been seducing me for years. As she gets hotter I need advice because I want her but know it's wrong. But she teases and rubs and shows and talks and begs and... .

  • Hit it as hard and as often as you can and until you cannot do anymore. Otherwise you will regret.

  • My step daughter constantly practices gymnastics in tights, t-shirts, shorts, under-wear, half naked, you name-it. Any man would be awed by this 11 yo looking a hot 16 or more. I have even been asked if she was 18. Regardless she is hot and knows it. She is a tease. I had to buy a movie camera to capture all the naughtiest scenes that can't but happen. I have to edit the videos before sharing. I have mine and those for share. My wife loves me for showing such a family thing. She even encourages me filming friends of daughter who often visit and practice. Most look like kids in comparison, so no big deal. But my girl gets me big just by watching her. And when she hugs me close or sits on my lap, I travel to Mars. We showered together until a year ago or so because I would get erect and knew I had to stop. Now I need to stop again because the urges are running rampant. I have 7 more years until she is an adult and will never last. I often masturbate thinking of her, especially when I see her full nude in life or glimpses while doing her gymnastics.

  • Get it while you can. I am not as old as you but I recently did my 15 yo niece. I can only think of more more more... . There is nothing better than young hot pssy

  • Agreed that young pussy is hot with nothing better. So sweet and juicy. I got my neighbor's daughter when she was 16. After a good year or so they moved off. To this day I jack off in remembrance of her. To make it easier, she gave me the hottest pictures. We still talk from time to time but she is far away.

  • My 13 year niece visited without a swim suit and ended up in undies and a t-shirt revealing everything. I recall pointy little pointy firm tits, fat camel toe with a touch of clit, and the hottest tightest bubble butt ever. We wrestled and I would innocently move her over the pool jets from time to to time. Many grabs to feel her up left me uncontrollable and harder than ever. I pushed my pecker against her many times knowing she would not realize what was happening although she was showing signs of arousal, but nothing like what I was feeling. She acted as though she wanted more and it was obviously arousing to her. Even her nips hardened. This went on for hours and I think I had several mini ejaculations; a first for me ever! My wife was home or I might be writing from a cell. I often F my wife and think of my niece. One day I think I will take her cherry.

  • 19 is way to old to fuck. It's best to start fucking them before they are old enough to speak, then, by the time they are old enough to talk, they will just think that sex with grandpa is a normal part of life, and they wont tell on you. That said, it's probably best not to fuck her, incest with a grandchild of any age is illegal in most states and countries.

  • I agree, I'd start at the age of 2 and then cum inside her. When her periods start, cover up

  • Hopefully you'll both die painful, violent deaths before you rape any more children.

  • I am actually having a similar problem with my daughter. For every reason I tell her that we can't she has two for the reason that we can't. It's been more than a difficult experience and I have in listed help in order to deal with it.

  • Not fuck her

  • If it was me, I'd tell her to visit naughtyposts and make her confession.

  • She is age take her camping and fuck the shite out of her sweet wet teen pussy .

  • Don't take her camping ever. Read some of the other camping stories here. And tell her not to act like such a slut and hang with people her own age.

  • I caught my uncle in a tent on top of my sis. They were moving fast and making noise and kept going well after I entered. They finally stopped and acted like nothing happened. I asked and they said she hurt her back was getting a massage.

  • Your no fun at all

  • Why because I won't fuck her

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