The FINISHER 14” long 8+” thick Dildo

Sexy petite little skinny wife with a porn star sex drive we met and fucked on our first date. I have a above average 8 1/2” long thick cock she wasn’t shy about being a size queen. Telling me she was relieved I had a big dick she looked at me for my reaction smiling. You don’t think im a slut she asked with her forward and honest exclamation to being picky about size. I laughed saying you know why you need or want she smiled and we went another round of sex. Not only does she like a big cock she likes sex allot of sex our sex life is constant. While not even 5’ tall she has the sex drive of a tribe of Amazon women walking naked around the house. Just random sex thru the day and myself a high sex drive we was a perfect match. We got married a year later our honey moon had our bridesmaids and grooms men tag along for an orgy. We have an open relationship and talked about it very early in our relationship. Nothing was ever hidden about our personal desires talking to my wife openly is easy she understands. The same goes for her she can be 100% honest without judgement we argue about normal things. But getting along 99% of the time lucky money has never been an issue. Her dad is very wealthy owning a trucking company and multiple truck stops. We was given a couple truck stops when we got married she runs them I have my own construction company. My company I co own with my brother runs itself my brother now does most the paper work. I do the sales and I’m figuring anyone reading this has figured out who I am. I’m also sure they probably figured out this wouldn’t surprise them knowing us. My wife’s very forward about her sex drive and desires not being shy around anyone including my father in law. Nobody judges her at least not to our faces we are nice to everyone and very genuine and giving. I would confidently say we are the worlds best bosses and confident our employees would agree. The desire to make those around us happy is a mutual natural instinct we both have. That extends to each other and while tiny my wife can easily accommodate two large cocks in her pussy. I know she loves the stretched out feeling of my cock and a friends bigger or equally large cock feels. Knowing this and while we have plenty of friends to join us wanting to keep my wife satisfied. I bought a extremely huge dildo 14” long and over 8” around most women would fear its size. Not my little wife she was eager to dominate the challenger and did so. It blasted her into an intense orgasm she squirted and rolled into a little ball quivering after a 3 hr savage pounding I gave to her with it. Obviously no man on earth possesses such a phalis of this size thank god for its creation. Every time we are alone and have sex after I’ll bring him out she giggles and like a little girl on Christmas gets excited. She’s pretty much worn out and falls asleep completely worn out after satisfied she calls it THE. FINISHER!


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  • Obviously why they sell those huge dildos since many girls figured out they can accommodate them. I got mine after I divorced my husband actually got one just a bit bigger than my ex’s penis. I figured out quickly the added size felt better. I started getting bigger and bigger and have one that’s 14” long and a bit thinner than your wife’s at 7” around. I can honestly say it’s a finisher as I’m totally satisfied and addicted to it.

  • Yuck who wants a used big pussy use your fingers keeps things tighter down there

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