Want to suck dick? Don’t do it

I’m a married man but for as long as I can remember I’ve been curious and wanted to try giving a blowjob. I never acted on this fantasy...until about 6 months ago.

I found myself in a situation where no one would know me, i was away from my wife for a few days and i’d had a few drinks. Anyway that’s a different story but to cut to the chase I ended up sucking this guys dick until he came in my mouth.

My warning if you’ve ever thought about trying this is don’t do it. IT WAS SO GOOD THAT I CANT STOP NOW!

The feel of that thick dick sliding in and hitting my throat and the way I felt dirty and used was everythIng I hoped it would be in my fantasies. When he came and I felt him twitch and explode in my mouth was pure ecstasy! Knowing i’d Sucked him so well that he got that much pleasure and came because of me was amazing.

The reason I say not to do it is that I now try and suck cock as often as I can and it’s ruined my relationship with my wife. She doesn’t know obviously but it’s like an addiction that I don’t want to kick.

So although it was the best experience of my life and so much better than I thought it would be, I wish i hadn’t tried it as life will never be the same again.


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  • I know the feeling. I was curious about what a woman feels when she’s sucking a cock so I asked my wife(girlfriend then)
    She said she loves the different sizes shapes and taste of them all. I also asked her to give me an idea of how many she’s sucked before me and she said possibly 50. From one nighters to boyfriends, to bosses, strangers you name it.Her biggest turn on is big Cocks or heavy cummers. She’d purposely hook back up with them.
    This made me so turned on I wanted to try it. It happened at a xxx theatre a man in a suit came in my booth and pulled out his cock. Told me he was married and showed me pics of him and wife. I immediately tried to get his fat cock in my mouth and all I thought about how excited my wife said she used to get. He shot off so much cum I couldn’t swallow it All

  • If a man isn’t sucking my tits dry, I’m sucking his dick. I lived off cum for a week once, and lost ten pounds by the way. Keep sucking. It’s a gift every man can give you.

  • I have always been oral, I really enjoy sucking cock as well as licking pussy. My step mother started sucking and playing with my cock when I was very young and kept it up until I went away to college. She let me touch any part of her I wanted to and eventually pleasure her as well, never told anyone about it just enjoyed it.

  • Did you learn not to lie about your dicky?

  • I'm a totally straight male (51 yo), but haven't had a bj in almost a decade. The wife doesn't do sex at all. I'm not attracted to guys, but hell, at this point, I'd do a "I'll suck yours if you suck mine" type of trade. All guys should have their dicks sucked.

  • Same boat over here

  • I have a few married men I suck off, they do not touch my dick, I am happy servicing them. Find a nice queer guy like me to give you regular head.

  • My friend always brags about how big his cock was saying he doubled my little prick. When he gets drunk he becomes a arrogant asshole constantly. Defending myself I said he would be embarrassed if we compared and figured out mine was actually bigger. Bursting out laughing and raising the bar I would suck your dick if it was bigger and let you fuck me he said. Yeah I would blow out your ass hole and put you in diapers he added snickering. I laugh saying you wish he said ok let’s compare I didn’t expect him to say that. Being shocked drunk and challenged I agreed to going to the restroom and getting naked while he got naked and ready to compare in the bedroom. I walked out to 10+” of cock that was over twice my girth. He snikered saying suck it I got on my knees and started enjoying fucking and stroking his meaty cock and huge balls. Filling my mouth with cum and fucking my throat he collapsed nex to me on the bed. Continued

  • I was laying there with no regrets it was actually fun while I’ve never had a gay thought about it. I had never thought about guys I had a a girlfriend and love women I didnt regret what was done. Are you ready he asked I knew what he meant and suddenly felt scared. My mind raced to his cock is huge and would hurt to I think this would be to gay for me. Suddenly he was between my legs pressing his cock to my asshole I tried to use my feet to push him off. His hand gripped my cock and balls in his hand twisting like they was a rope to hold on to during a bull ride. Just relax I felt pain as he entered the head was huge and hurt like he was tearing me open. Ok wait your to big she squeezed twisting more I felt pain in both areas as he went deeper. YOUR TO BIG YOU GOTTA BIG COCK YOUR TO BIG YOUR GOTTA HUGE COCK was all I could think to say. My balls hurt whenI tried to push him off as he twisted and I stopped trying to push him off. Obviously that was his point to what he was doing so he could take my ass. It felt as though he was re entering me as he was going so deep into anouther passage. I was screaming the same comments again, just relax telling me he fucked several girls in the ass and I would enjoy it after awhile. He kept getting deeper till he was balls deep it hurt and felt so full My heart pounded. My mind was trying to calm down and relax unaware of Time other than it was over probably 30 minutes. Suddenly I was relaxed dizzy and being pounded slowly with powerful thrust feeling pleasure finally. I’m trying to keep from cumming to soon he said slowing down then asking how he felt. Catching my breath I said really big we both laughed he asked if it felt good. I said it’s feeling good now finally he smiled saying Intold you it would. He started pounding harder and faster stroking my dick I couldn’t get it hard I figured his cock was so thick it cut the blood supple off. He would reach down stroking and squeezing my cock trying to make it hard as well.continue

  • I was happy he stopped pounding and was able to better enjoy his cock as he pressed deep staying still. Just like that I said don’t move just press harder he did as I asked my cock was finally able to big hard all 6 1/2” much thinner than his. The pleasure of the fullness and tightness feeling of his cock inside me made my cock thicken as I squeezed it. Not sure how big I was at the time I know it was supper engorged compared to my normal size. I started squirting cum up on his chest he said he was going to and asked if I promised to let him fuck me again later. I squirted another load promising him I would any time he wanted. He pounded my ass harder than before for about 20 minutes then pressed deep filling my ass with cum. He pulled out walking into the restroom to shower off I felt relief as he had pulled out and pleasure. I just laid their teaching down I was gapped open leaking cum that dropped out. I passed out falling asleep waking he was asleep faced the other way what I woke up. I got up drank some water went back to sleep next to him. Continue

  • Waking up how cock was rock hard he was asleep I started stroking it rubbing my small penis comparing them. His eyes opened and I joked how small I am compared to him he smiled and joked about how we compared. You like my bigger cock in your ass don’t you I laugh saying I wouldn’t let a gay my size or smaller than your fuck my ass. He smiled telling me to roll to my other side he took me hard in the spooning position for over an hour. We both agreed we aren’t gay we agreed this was a pleasure we would always continue thru our friendship.

  • I will also tell you that it is amazing how many guys want to suck in my area. I post ads on the weekends and get as many blow jobs as I want from guys. Some of them are really good at it while others just kind of tongue it until I cum but it sure is better than beating it off myself.

  • Tell me about it. I sucked three different guys off this weekend. (Not all at once).

  • I found a really quite public toilet I'm the countryside,bit hard to find,went in there and found lovely glory hole,was in there edging for about five minutes when someone came in tried my door and went into next cubicle looked through hole to see him pulling his jeans down and surprised to see him in white thong and stockings standing and turning at hole for me to have good look he whispered to me to show my cock which was rock hard now,8" he put his finger to the hole for me to put my cock through,I slipped it through and felt his mouth around it ,it felt gorgeous after a while he asked me to fuck him,I said ok and watch him pull his thong off and lube his arse up,I put my cock back through and felt him hold my cock and put a bit of lube over the head and then felt it slide into him he then started to fuck me as I held my cock tight in the hole for him to have full length up him,he certainly knew how to fuck a guy because before long I told him I was ready to spunk and was a heavy spunker,he told me to keep it in him,I started shooting and heard him groaning as I emptied my balls into him ,I went out to wash my hands he opened his door to show my my spunk dripping out of his arse,he thanked me and said he needed that I said I did as well and said it was best fuck I had had.we arranged to meet up again.

  • Super news now you can use your wife to get the guys for you and he willfuck you’re wife but you can do all the oral you will probably get alot of straight men to

  • Male who was curious and had same experience 😊

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