Im lesbian and i find young girls attractive

I'm a lesbian and ive been having fantasies recently about having sex with young girls. 12 and below. i dont know why but i just do. the thought makes me really horny and i just want to watch kiddie porn. I'm 15 so its not...that bad but still. even as I'm writing the thought really makes me wet. all i can think about is a little girl eating me out and just sucking on my tits



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  • You guys are completely pathetic and a waste of sperm. Sick fucking piles of shit.

  • OwO lol

  • Young pussy is the best 8 - 13

  • I want a preteen girl right now

  • I can only get off if I think about being molestrd as a child. Am I damaged?

  • Just kinky and I have same feelings

  • No surprise there. Over 90% of child molesters are homosexuals. Unfortunately, the only cure for pedophilia and homosexuality is death. I hope you and all others are cured very soon.

  • Utter horseshit, pedophilia and homosexuality are NOT the same thing and that is a totally false statistic, stop spreading your ignorance.

  • Very sick thoughts with children

  • Want some good material? google search for young nn gallery or models. nn is for non nude. usually by clicking through sites you can find something good, hope this helps.

  • Cheers, I'll give that a try

  • That's so hot 🔥, while your still young yourself u will have better chance with a younger girl, there's nothing more sexier than young girls and pre teens

  • I am 28 a departmental manager in the lingerie department of a large store we have four young girls 16 to 19 and I am currently having a lesbian relationship with two of them, just starting to get the others confidence so I can dominate them and have four shaved pussies to play with, I have convinced one that she should have her labia pierced so I can padlock it.
    I have another two girls that no longer work there padlocked with large thick combination locks that desperately want the codes to remove them really how stupid are these sluts I ring one at least every second week when I feel like sex and humiliating them naked a couple of times I have had both over and added another lock through theirs locking them front to front so I can cane each as long as I want or back to back so they have extreme difficulty moving and cannot sit, when they need to go to the toilet I put them in the back yard and they do everything standing they really make a smelly mess so when I am ready I release them and make them clean each other plus any mess on the ground.
    I have numerous double ended dildo's and strapons and love giving it to them right up the arse.
    So much fun

  • I'm a straight man and I think about it all the time

  • I'm a mostly-straight woman in my 40s and I think about it all the time too.

  • That's so sexy

  • We should talk

  • Then do something about it.

  • Do you have an email address?

  • Very, very naughty, you need to go to confession I am certain your local priest will help you.

  • So is most of the female race now due to all this marriage equality.

  • Believe me I think about it alot too , I'm a bi sexual woman 34

  • That's so hot 🔥

  • I think about it to I dirty old Welsh man

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