Actively talk to mom about sexual desires and exchange sex toys.

Im 24 yrs old male.Well for years now my mom new I was a bit off but she always kept it between me and her. Exposing myself,flashing her, jerking off to her sleeping, texting her explicit stuff she's known I've had a taboo kink for awhile. I got drunk last week and texted her and asked if she had any lube I could use. She replied right away and said yeah hold on. Minutes later she was knocking on my door. I was completely naked and playing with myself. I said one sec. She said as if I don't know what you're up to right now. Just open the door, I'm your mom it's not like I haven't seen it already. So I cracked the door and she assertively pushed it open and walked in as awkward as you think it might of been I was pretty comfortable. She sat down and said i have a couple you can chokse or just have all 3 i dont need them anymore. She had a numbing one and said this would good for anal stimulation than offered to apply it to me. I studdard and she said just lay down and act like I'm not here. So I listened and I did. She came over and applying a finger tip to my ads rubbing it in and said give it a few seconds to kick in. She started blowing on it and I felt it than she seen my dick starting to get hard she said I guess it's working. I'll let you have fun. Text me if you need anything else. After all that I don't even feel awkward anymore. I'm almost considering asking her if she would watch me jerk off until I fun.

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  • Yeah since that night, I am obviously a Lot more comfortable arpund my mom. Yesterday my dad texted her he was working late. I didn't know that but around 5 she knocked on my door. I was watching Netflix in my underwear and a tank top. I let her in, she sat down and I said what's going on mom? She responded " I know I'm you're mother and this is probably wrong but ever since last week when you texted me I've had nothing but the image of your good looking penis on my mind. " I said yeah I don't know why I did that but I'm glad I did, seems like we have a little more trust now and it's kind of something I've always wanted. Well one of the many things I've fantasized about when it comes to you. She responded" well I'm glad you did and I agree I enjoy our connection and our little secret, since your dad doesn't touch me it's kind of nice to see a good looking man who like to show off. What are your other fantasies you be thought about?. I began to stroke my dick through my boxers and said well I always wanted you to watch me play with myself maybe jerk off until your boobs. I pulled my dick and balls through the slit in my boxers and began to stroke my dick. Her watching she didn't say nothing I leaned back got comfortable and looked her in her eyes I said show me your boobs. She didn't say nothing just took her top off and he's and let them hang. My god they were the greatest triple D's I ever seen. A couple minutes go by and she started to massage my balls so I moved my hand and she started jerking me off. Instantly I felt like I was going to cum. I held it in for maybe 2 to 3 mins and when i busted she grabbed both her tits and rubbed them all over my dick spreading the cum around. My dick was pulsating and I had this great feeling in my stomach I never had. I got up grabbed a towel wiped myself than handed it to her she cleaned her self up and put her top back on and we watched the new jumanji movie shoulder to shoulder.

  • Dude she's totally asking for it. Not necessarily for all out sex but at least masturbateing together. Be cool about it and not pushy though. That wouldn't be nice to her. She seems super awesome. Just be curteous to her like she is to you. Maybe buy her a dildo since she let you have the lubes. Might even be a good opener if you ask her if she would like to masturbate with it with you.

  • Nothing wrong with having sex with your mother, it's awkward and embarrassing for the first couple of times, but after things become comfortable, it's fantastic. It's so taboo and kinky, that's why it's so exciting and turns me on like nothing else can. I was caught having sex with my younger sister more than a couple of times, by my mother when we were young. One night while getting drunk with my mother, she brought up the subject of incest, she said she didn't have any problems with it at all. Then I told her that I also had sex with my older sister as well. She said I was a really naughty boy and asked me questions about having sex with my sister's, I told her everything that she wanted to know about. Then I said, I'm such an incestuous and dirty minded sexual animal, I would have know problem fucking my own mother. That's when we started fucking, that night.

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