Its My Husband & His Step Son

I am remarried for the second time, I have two sons by my first marriage, they are 15 &17. Recently about three weeks ago they went off on a fishing weekend and stayed in a log cabin, I have noticed something is different between them now as if they had a secret between them an understanding,
A short while after started to see each other we started having sex, it wasn't long before he asked me to try anal I was a bit reluctant but curious so tried it and loved being buggered I didn't realise it was so good, when we have sex starts in vagina and finishes of up my arse, we watch porn its always girls being buggered, I saw some of his porn history he hadn't deleted it was men and boys always older men with young boys, I never have seen anything sexual happening between them, I know the boys are sexually active I have caught them wanking, I am suspicious without and proof,
I don't know it I really want to find out

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  • Does it really matter its within the family he is using the boys when your on a period just ignore it

  • I suppose it dosent

  • I suppose it doesn't really matter as long as he washes his dick before he puts in me

  • Try to catch them

  • If you are young and gay it is far better to do it at first with an older experienced man

  • Did you ever find out what happened

  • Reply to comment no 3
    Not for sure but once when I came home a bit earlier than normal I noticed the smell that lingers after sex, you don't notice when its yourself, anal sex is different that vaginal sex, so I don't know whos buggering who, or if all three are buggering each other, what to do

  • Sorry mummy now you know why I didn’t sit down after that trip, he tore my arse up that weekend.

  • So your hubby is having sex with his step sons? That’s hot.

  • Why is it hot have you some experience of the same, I have had images in my mind of them buggering each other, I must admit I did get a reaction I wasn't expecting

  • Do you finger yiurself thinking about it?

  • Not hot

  • Meh, when I was that age I craved being with an older dad type, now I’m an older married dadtoo with kids. Nothing wrong with young men having an older mentor to learn about life, how to dress, how to behave, and generally be a man. I think by 17 they are ready.

  • Being taught how to dress and behave are not the same thing as getting buggered up the ass.

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