Sex with a man virgin

My name is Lisa and this is a true story

I waited a long time before I started dating after I separated from my ex husband. It was 14 years to be exact. I started dating this guy from The islands He was tall muscular, not bad looking but lacked experience. We went out quite a few times. He was really sweet so I tried to deal with his bad kisses.
I decided it was time to sleep with him and hope it would be better. Well it wasn't. I was trying to pretend I was having great sex. Nothing special he was on top (missionary position). He was really going at saying how good it felt. I was thinking...really? I knew I was very tight, especially knowing I hadn't done anything in so long.
Then he's saying I'm about to cum. I'm feeling bad because I can't feel anything. I'm thinking am I that open or is he that small? Then he cums saying that's the best he's ever had. I'm thinking wtf, are you kidding? He gets up to get a towel. The first thing I do is feel my pussy to see if it's wet with cum.
Nothing! Lol I sit up and look down and shit there's cum on the bed. I'm confused. Then I know what happened. That dumbass fucked the bed. He didn't even know. I didn't tell him and it didn't take long to figure out he knew anything about sex My girlfriend always tells me good stories when we’re in bed this was when she lived back in Boston


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  • Men are idiots. How do you not know?

  • Yaw good one. As such, due to men being beyond dispute superior/ supreme to women regarding just about everything, one can only imagine the berating you have for the aforementioned weaker, feminine gender.

  • As they say, boys will be boys...

  • Weird. no such thing. all boys lose virginity younger then girls.

  • I’m sorry I was only 11 yo at the time.

  • LOL! That's FUNNY, Girl!

    How often do you screw a guy and he's still a virgin afterward!?!?! And now, he thinks he's experienced! At first, I didn't believe you. Then I decided that you can't make up this stuff ...

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