Would any female would love or are curious to insert small animals (mouse or hasmter ,fish ,worms or others )in their pussy to have a very good orgasm ?

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  • Nasty. Stick worm in your dick

  • Curious as to What can a worm do?

  • You will need alot of them
    they will move inside the pussy constanly and create pleasure
    are you female ?

  • Worms wouldn't be a good idea. Please explain how fish or mouse would work?

  • With fish is simple you grab it and pus him in pussy in and out.
    With mouse you will need a plastic tube that will be pushed a little in the vagina that will keep the pussy open like a hole then you grab the mouse from the tail put him to enter the tube to go near the pussy maybe will go inside if not push him with an object.After is in you remove the tube so the pussy lips will close and the mouse will be traped in you and will start to move inside and will make you good pleasure.
    What do you say I made you curious about this ?

  • What!!!! A mouse in the vagina? Clawing away... no man... just no

  • But why not ?

  • Why not?!?!
    A mouse and other rodents have small but sharp claws and a woman vagina is incredibly sensitive. Then there’s the risk of the rodent trying to chew it’s way out.

  • Then a hamster will be a good ideea

  • Rodents also constantly leak urine and carry diseases

  • Just like most girls who would contemplate putting one in their pussy

  • Are you a creepy fat greasy little keyboard warrior turd who gets off on this sick questioning you do

  • You need to be fed to the lions hows that for a sick beastality story

  • That is sick. you need help.

  • If you dont like don't judge and dosent mean Im sick

  • Your terribly sick you little prick, previous surveys have unanimously indicated that most women only want dogs doing them and they are very happy with that.

  • Go away you creepy little shit. Stop asking!!

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