Bus ride from hell tuned out to have its perks

I’m 24 yrs old this February I decided to do a road trip unfortunately my car blew a head gasket stuck having to sell my POS to the junk yard. I was stuck in Cali needing to get back to Seattle I had a friend who western union me the cash and caught a greyhound bus. The driver was an asshole pissing off other passengers not sure why the driver in his own fit started driving extra slow. I was sitting near the back couldn’t hear the comments but a big argument was happening. The bus suddenly pulled over out stepped a few people hearing a scuffle many of us got off to see what was happening. Still not exactly sure what was happening only that the driver was laying out cold a couple guys bleeding and three still fighting. Everyone including myself called 911 and the highway patrol showed up. Sitting on the side of the road waiting for another driver ended up another bus. We got out at a shity small bus station as they said arrangements where being made to get us to our destinations. A girl I had been talking to suggested going into town getting drunk another lady in her 30’s and her 15 year old daughter. Another guy in his 30’s came with us. We went to a restaurant that servered alcohol getting pretty shot face not sure who suggested. But before I knew it we was heading to a hotel to get a room bringing a couple cases of beer. Everyone drinking laughing it was a party and was fun not sure if another guy who was suddenly with us in the motel was from the bus. Kissing started dancing and the girls stripping us guys getting naked turning this into a out right orgy they girl and her mom getting fucked. The hot sexy 30 yr old put on a show eating that little 15year old girls pussy with everyone watching including her own mom. Everyone including her mom cheered them on I shoved my 8 1/2” long fat cock inside that little girl and her mom many times. This turned into a drug and sex fueled week and half long crazy party.


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