My sickest fantasy

My sister and i became lovers a few months ago. yes, we know it's taboo. no, we see nothing wrong with it. we're both single, our parents aren't alive any longer, and after failing at marriage twice each, it seemed like a natural fit to hook up with our best friends. it just happened we were each other's best friends.
to avoid pregnancy we only do anal, which is really hot and all. my sister won't let me anywhere near her pussy, not even on safe days. I'm not complaining, she's an extremely sexy woman that knows where way with a dick, and it's so hot that she can cum from anal, too.
but seeing as her pussy is forbidden, i've had this fantasy of fucking her that way. but my fantasy has gotten more intense: it turnes me on really hard to imagine I hold her down and fuck her in the pussy until I cum and fill her... and I don't pull out until I get hard and fuck her again... and again and again until I'm all dry and she's overflowing.
just the taboo of getting her pregnant gives me such a hard on. i wouldn't do it if presented with the chance, unless she was open with the idea, but just the fantasy gets me going real good.

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  • I would love to do this with my sister but thankfully if I ever do get to fuck her then I know I’m safe as she’s had a historectomy

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