I LOVE ass but can't get it

I have always been an ass man. Of course I love every curve of a woman's body but there is nothing more erotic, more feminine than the curves of a woman's hips and ass. I love spanking ass, playing with it, spreading it wide, and exploring it with my tongue, fingering it, and when she's finally ready...spreading her wide with my thick cock. Fuck! Just thinking about it has me throbbing.

Sad thing is, my wife hates it. I've tried but she just isn't interested and I need ass. Bad. I know some will say why did I marry her? Why don't I leave her? It's not that simple.

Unfortunately, I never get ass. If I knew there was a woman near me (Seattle) that loved anal and ass play...fuck!!!! The things I'd do...

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  • One night when you are fucking your wife doggystyle, take your slightly lubed thumb and place it on her asshole. Not in. On. Most women aren't interested in having dicks in their asses for all kinds of reasons. Leave your thumb there for just a few seconds, remove it, and don't do it again. Do the same thing the next couple of times you nail her. If she's ok with "the thumb to the bum", then you can slide your thumb in just a tiny bit (like down to the first knuckle) the next time. Then your whole thumb. Then a couple of fingers. Then, if it all works out, eventually your cock. Anal sex takes!a lot of prep work (lube, enemas, rubbers, butt plugs, etc.) But if your patient and procedural and she feels safe with you inside her most sacred of spots, it can be great. I didn't get a woman between the cheeks until i was 34, and "the thumb" is where it all began. Good luck!

  • Me too .. I started out as a big boob man & at one point my wife had beautiful set but not much of an ass which has always bothered me. I always felt god played a joke on me by sending me a good woman thats missing an ass because my SIL’s are opposite they have small tits but huge asses. So feeling left out & unsatisfied was getting to me at one point. It wasn’t until fate stepped in and hooked me up with a couple big butt encounters which transformed me into even more of a butt man .. So i know what you mean because my obsession is pretty heavy too. I even got a female friend that lives in another state that will fly out to where I’m at. Shes so sexxxy and whenever we get together she lets me doggystyle her juicy ass & lets me worship and play with it. Lately I’ve been thinking about calling it quits once both my kids turn 18 because Ive been married 17 years & I’m in need a change and a woman with a huge ass ..

  • Close your eyes and give her a boob job. Should feel similar. Or just miss on entry lol

  • I am on the same boat, wife don’t like me playing with her ass and she has occasionally played with mine while giving me head but I need to explore ass with my tongue and get mine tongued as well

  • You should consider male ass.

  • Never!

  • I like licking it

  • Me too :) Are you a man or woman?

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