Quick to orgasm, best thing ever or curse?

Ever since i began masterbating as a girl i found it easy to orgasm, and fast forward to now (22 yo) i still orgasm really easily. On the face of it it sounds like a dream right, an orgasm every time, and yes it is great. It also translates in to multiple orgasms and earth shattering whole body shaking orgasms.
So what's the complaint? We'll let's be fair when we have sex it's a faux par for the gentleman to cum first, so in most cases the man try's in vain to make us cum before he runs out of restraint and blows. With this in mind, if i orgasm in 2 minutes he has no reason to hold back, and can shoot with his honour in tact, which means alot of quickies.
Does anyone else experience this?
Btw, i wouldn't say i get any more horny than the next girl, but a bumpy bus ride can make me wet, not ideal.

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  • It sounds like you're having wonderful sex, so don't try and over-analyze it. Just enjoy it!

  • Maybe your right, better this way than the other, but believe me its not all good

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