Former slut wife turned cold

I've been married 19 years, but my wife has no interest in sex anymore. She says that it hurts, she has no desire, etc. She's in her mid 50s and I'm in my mid 40s.

The thing is that she used to be hotter than fuck. She was married once before in her 20s, and used to frequent sex parties during which she would suck and fuck miles of dick, sometimes eat pussy too. She even has a box of polaroid photos from some of those events. When I first started dating her, we would screw every day, sometimes two or three times. It was really fantastic for a long time.

Then, about five years ago, it ended. She doesn't even suck my dick anymore. She won't let me dip it in to her vag for just a few strokes either. I'm so fucking depressed. Is this what getting old is like?

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  • She says that it hurts. That is probably a medical issue. She needs to go see a gyn. It may be treatable.

  • I hear ya. Things ended for me 3 days after we stopped living together and said the "I do's". I lived a decade of notta before I had enough of her controlling no sex self and left.

  • Seems to be the way it goes in many instances. Have heard of this type thing from a number of people. The wife goes through the change of life in her 50's and things really hit the skids. Or often things in nonsexual aspects of life goes to hell in a hand basket due to job, family, medical or mental stresses. My wife cut way back on sex when menopause hit because it effected her moods and also made it physically painful. For us to do it now she either has to be drunk or high or maybe something that we have to really plan to do and work up to. Those times of spontaneous fucking, blowjobs, fingering, etc are becoming more and more infrequent. I'm finding me jumping in her shower or bath and going down on her still gets her going as much as ever but it takes a lot more foreplay to get her ready for penetration. Or If I go down on her while she sleeps it still turns her on but am finding we need to use a lube when we never did before. In the past I never had to eat her much to get her soaking wet but now there are times where we need major pussy play for her to get ready. So much so that quickies are out of the question since we need lots of time for it now. Also, I am a little over average sized when fully aroused and finding it a major mood killer if she takes too long to respond no matter how horny I am. She has even given up on her rabbit and other vibrators although at times we have gotten by on mutual masturbation a few times. Really have to pick and choose places and times now and it really takes some effort. There is a lot written up on this topic so welcome to our preferred reading list. Good luck with adapting things for the two of you.

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