Son has been fucking fruit

My son is really bad at cleaning his room, and last week I had enough of it, so I went and did it myself. As I was throwing away piles of paper and crap from his desk, I came across some somewhat moldy oranges. They were unpeeled at the top, and had what looked like holes drilled into them, though they were uneaten. I was dumbfounded, like WTF is this?

When my son got home I asked him about it. He said "You really wanna know?" I said yes, I do, and he said "They feel good on my dick." I damn near passed out in shock when I realized that he meant that he was fucking oranges. That is so gross.

I think I should probably get him into counseling or something, because this is really fucked up psychological behavior. Not all of my friends or family are in agreement. I can't believe it, but some of them think it is no big deal. I have an appointment to take him to a therapist about this next week, but I thought I'd run it by the people here. Is there another approach I should try?

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  • Another f*cking repressed Christian, passing on their f*cked up perception of 'right' and 'wrong' onto the next generation.

  • Is it normal to rub acidic fruits on one's penis?

  • Your son wouldn't be fucking fruit if he was getting some pussy. I think you should fuck him daily.

  • Yes, back off !

  • I think your son will need a therapist, but not due to his desire to jerk off.

    You reward his direct and honest answer to you by betraying his trust? Nice.

  • Seems normal to me. Just like me having this cucumber in my pussy right now.

  • Nice mother you are, blabbing to the whole world, instead of trying to get him a girl, maybe you should suck his dick. What a moron for telling everyone else, especially people u know

  • Nice so you went and blabbed this to family and friends? Why would this kid ever share another thing with you?

  • Might want to get him a pocket pussy or something honestly...... my guess would be that its not gonna be pleasant if / when citric acid makes its way in the hole as he comes. likely burn like hell IMO.

  • If he eats the fruit aftwerward would you still be mad as heck? Or does that suddenly make it alright?

  • Tell him that you don't believe him and you think he's shi++ing you. Then taste the orange to see if its true. Then tell him that you need more evidence and taste ...

  • Yup, that's pretty gross. You're son should clean up after himself. But that's the only real problem. You are the biggest problem. Thinking that your son needs therapy because he masturbates is totally fucked up. You should never have had kids.

  • My husband lays on the bed pulling a watermelon onto his cock. He makes a hole in it and comes inside it. It's highly erotic to see

  • Just forget about it. Nothing wrong with a kid fucking fruit or other inanimate objects, just looking for new sensations while masterbating. Stroking with your hand gets boring after a while, he's looking for something that feels more like pussy, so either give him some pussy or mouth to fuck, or leave him alone.

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