Clit licking

I'm obsessed with having my clit licked. I love parting my pussy and watching a tongue flick like crazy all over my clit, then it starts contracting and I go crazy.

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  • Nectar of the gods when she cums

  • I am a woman and as much as I
    Love receiving oral, I love munching on a pussy too just as much. It tastes much sweeter than a mans cum. A bit tangy and it’s soft and smushy and I love to bury my tongue inside it.

  • Mmmmmm that's hot

  • I am right there with you sister, I love my mine gently licked in slow circles then when I tell him to he sucks the whole area into his mouth and uses his tongue as hard as he can to flick my clit all around. I can barely breath when my orgasm finally hits and it feels like my whole inside is melting. I swear it feels like my heart skips a few beats and I am going to faint sometimes.

  • A little biting and nibbling is great fun

  • I adore this, the orgasm is the best feelin in the world. My boyfriend has to pin me down from flaying like a banshee

  • Gross! That's disgusting, putting ones mouth on someones sexual organs.

  • Yah funner when it blasts in ur face you know you did your job

  • Yeah I love it. Clit orgasms are so intense.

  • Let a dog lick it. You’ll love it

  • Believe me it is fun to lick a clit as well. ;)

  • This!!!!!!! I LOVE LICKING PUSSY :p

  • Eating pussy is my second fav

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