My cute young cousin

I'm a 26 year old guy for the past few years I felt something but iv never told anyone and couldnt but I started wanting to have sex with girls 10 years old and I never thought it would be possible.yesterday my uncle called to see if his granddaughter could spend a few days at my house which his granddaughter is my second cousin. I hadn't seen her in a few years she's 10 years old cute as can be as she walks end.them later that night I'm watching TV when she comes out of the shower in panties and tank top wet no bra see her nipples clear as she walks in and sits beside me with her legs hanging off the love seat she turns and lays her head in my lap were I'm trying not to look at her budding nipples under my face but I could only fight in for so long.what's that she asked what I said as she moves her head back this she said as she rubbed her hand on my penis. You really don't know I asked her while her hand still touching my penis. I know it means you wants see me naked or something she answered.have you ever seen a boy or guy naked I asked her she said she hadn't no one u know that when guy see your nipples showing that's always got to get hard I said touching my penis. But still don't know what a guy naked looks like she said. Now prob everybody would say this is wrong .but I couldn't not offer her a I put my hand under her tank top and lay it on belly as I looked down at her with her little nipples showing she giggles what I ask her? Well she says all the girls in my class have big boobs but me and all the boy like girls with big boobs. But why did you giggle I asked CA's every time you look down I feel you get hard. She said and the boys dont. So one thing leads to the other and I let her slide on my penis as it goes in she let's me suck her nipples and this morning she woke up and we've had sex. And if she keeps wanting my penis in her then I'll let her have it any time



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  • She's obviously going to be a lil slut when she's a teenager and I bet she ends up getting pregnant early by some random boy or you by the sounds of it

  • Your lucky mate. Fancy sharing her?

  • Nothing sexier than cute and curious

  • I hope your uncle finds out and beats you to within an inch of your life.

  • Mind using centimeters so the majority of the world will understand uou?

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