I fucked a dead girl

So, it might sound kind of sick, but at the time, it seemed pretty okay. I had met this really hot chick at a club that night. We had both taken some ectasy and were tearing up the dance floor all night long.
About 12:30 in the morning, she started acting kind of antsy, and said she was getting bored and really horny and asked me if I wanted to go back to her place. Naturally, I said yes. She was a beautiful babe, 23 years old, about 5'6, around 110 lbs. Nice tight body with small but perky tits, and a nice round bubble but.
So we got to her apt and went in and she handed me a cold beer and said she needed to take a quick shower. After what seemed like about thirty minutes, I started thinking that she was taking a long time in the shower, and I hadn't heard any noises other than the water running. I knocked on the door and asked how she was doing. No response, so I opened the door and looked in. She was slumped over on the toilet with a rubber band around her arm and a syringe laying on the floor next to her. I immediately checked for a pulse and couldn't feel one. She cleary wasnt breathing. My first thought was to call 911 and start CPR on her, so I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom and dropped her on the bed. I grabbed my cellphone, but then I realized that I had no idea where she lived. I hadn't taken a CPR class in a long time, but I remembered to tilt her head back and give her two quick breaths before starting chest compressions. As I placed my mouth against her moist lips, it felt unbelievably sensual. I thought "what the fuck is wrong with you, dude?" as I felt my cock start to grow hard in my shorts. I stood back and looked at her beautiful, nude, lifeless body laying before me. I placed my hand in the center of her chest to start compressions, but as I felt her warm soft flesh under my hands, I couldn't resist gently caressing her perky tits. I bent over and took her pink nipple in my mouth and started sucking passionately on her breasts. I reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clean shaved pussy. I slowly parted her pussy lips and inserted my finger. I brought my finger up to my nose and smelled it. It smelled awesome, and without even thinking, I buried my face in her crotch and ate the fuck out of her.
After a couple of minutes of sucking on her vag, my cock was rock hard. I took of my pants and climbed on top of her lifeless body. As I slowly inserted my six inch cock inside of her, I couldn't believe how wet she was. I busted a nut within about two minutes, then I layed down next to her, trying to figure out what to do. I finally decided just to leave her there on the bed and put the syringe in her hand. Nobody knew that I was even there, except for the massive load of cum I left dripping out of her.


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  • So are u are addicted to necrophilia now ? Visit any morgues lately ? Volunteering at hospices ? or just dating other addicts, so u can make them OD, and use them for ur pleasure ?

  • U shuda fucked her tight ass aswell

  • Disgusting.......but hot!

  • Hey, I don't wanna doubt anyone wrote this so I'll change my comments to 1.I may have wrote somethin similar to this and 2. I remember every word of this post, maybe 'cause I read it before and 3. I remember writing every word of this one, maybe I didn't 'cause I forgot for a while, sorry to doubt

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