My sexy pregnant mom

I'm 18 since late last november, my mom's 39 since last valentine's day, she's also 5 months pregnant, she's having her baby in early september 2018. It was on her valentine's day birthday she told me she was pregnant. My dick got sooo hard big time, especially since she didnt look pregnant at all, she was in her excersize bra, and tight ass short shorts, when she told me, this is her third pregnancy with her stepbrother who'se gay, and he, and his lover couldnot adopt, so my mom offered her cunt to help go make babies with him. I was in my swimteam speedo from last year, when my mom told me. I'm in my senior year in high school, and quit the high school swim team last summer. When I felt my mom's tummy on the front of her short shorts, my dick wiggled soo hard, I had to run to my room, there I cummed so profusely all down my speedo crotch. On the last day of march this year, my mom was all sexy slim in her bikini, though she didn't have too big of a baby bump then, she did start to show though. Last friday, may 4, I got home from work, I work parttime, my mom came out of her room in only her loosefitting blouse, and short shorts, was I ever hard, ohh her baby bump really showed, then when she pulled up her blouse over her bra to show me her tummy, the 2 inches or so of bare tummy between my mom's short shorts ,and her bra, oooooh, I got wiggling hard, when I felt her baby over her short shorts, next thing my dick started wiggling even more, I had to excuse myself, run to my room, stripped down to my briefs, I didn't even have to jack off, I just started cumming in just my briefs. That night my mom's baby bump under her short shorts was as big as a basketball. I cant wait for summer thanks to my mom's pregnancy. I still remember her second pregnancy with her gay stepbrother, the late spring I was 14, and mymom was 35 and 6 months pregnant at that time in 2014. She was going some place, before she did, she opened up her dress right in front of me, she pulled the front of her half slip halfway between the top of her big panties, and bra, so I only saw just 1 inch of bare tummy. It made me hard in my little teeny middle school tennis shorts, I jacked off right after my mom left that night.

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  • Kui ema rase on siis on talle kõige parem perse panna ja see ei tee lapsele ka haiget.Õliga pead ema tagumikku ainult hästi määrima,siis läheb libedamalt sisse.

  • I was a stepbrother/stepsister product, my mom was 14 when she had me. Two days after Chrismas 58, my father, I never met him, he was 19 when he was killed ,when his car spun over an embankment, my mom was still 13, and was like 5 1/2 months pregnant then. Amost 2 months after my mom was 14, I was born the following April. Fastforeward 69, 3 days after Easter, my 10th bday, my mom broke it to me she was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant at 24, my grampa, my deceased father's daddy, then 47, my mom's stepdaddy was the father. That night she said goodnight, she wore a seethrough nightgown, her tummy looked flat still, my dick got hard in my underpants, when I watched through her nightgown her bras and panties. By early May 69, my mom was 2 months pregnant, started wearing bigger panties, her tummy started growing a bit, that made me big and hard, even at 10, especially as my mom wore bras and panties under her seethrough nightgowns. By early July 69, my mom's tummy looked like the size of a basketball underneath the front of her short shorts, especially when she took off her top, and soaked up the sun at a rented private cabin out on a deck overlooking a lake. The way her short shorts pulled over her swelling tummy, that nude lace bra, the way her tummy looked between them. I couldn't stop getting hard in my skintight bathing trunks. When my mom noticed the puzzled look on my face, she asked "Does your penis bother you?" I said "Yeh it does." She suggested "It might be because I'm expecting a baby, it's ok, sweety, it's that you're all excited to see me in my bra in my condition." I would've hung out with my grampa, but he wanted me to stay back with my mom, then 4 months pregnant, he and his best friend hung out together. Quite honestly it felt good feeling how big and wiggly hard my dick got in my bathing trunks that day, especially when I saw my mom's tummy in her bra and big stretchy short shorts.

  • My mom had her baby the Friday after labor day. The kid is all adopted at 2 weeks old. Right now, she's got an after pregnancy baby bump, otherwise her figure is all nice, and slim, she still wears her maternity short shorts, and bras, although it doesn't matter, now she wants my seed in her tummy. I wear my Knocker boxer briefs short shorts around our house, she loves the bulges I keep having in them. My best moments with her, is when she breastfeeds me, when I'm dressed in my Knocker briefs, when she's in her nursing bra and maternity short shorts. Now that my mom's already had her baby, her tummy roll, between her bra, and maternity short shorts, some times panties turns me on for reals. When I breastfeed, I rub her tummy, even if she's not pregnant now, by late October '18 I will plant seed in her tummy, she wants my seed in her anyway. She wants to have my baby late next July '19. My mom loves wearing short shorts, bras while pregnant, I'll keep yous posted, I'll know by this December, when she's pregnant again.

  • I' ll be 19 late next month, my mom turns 40 next febuary, last friday, I pumped lots, and lots of seed in my mom's tummy, looking at her tummy after I pumped seed in it, especially since she still wears big maternity panties, and bras from when she'd had her last baby early last month, my dick throbs hard, especially in my Knocker boxer briefs, pregnant or not, I'll let you know by early december, either way.

  • Guess what, my mom is almost 4 weeks pregnant with our baby, she just lifted up her top, her maternity skirt waistband is just a little more than a inch below her bra, mmmh what a tummy, I just put on my favorite pair of boxerbriefs to celebrate, the baby's due by the end of July 2019, by then, she'll be 40, and I'll be 19. Wow! She just showed off her tummy in her big maternity panties and bra her little bit of bare tummy between her bra and baby bump in under the front of her panties, feeling our baby just now, I'm all excited and sexually aroused in my favorite boxerbriefs to know that's my seed growing our baby in my mom's tummy, my dick's all wiggling nice, and hard in my boxerbriefs right now, especially as I'm feeling our baby, right now, my mom's all happy and moaning. I love it when she moans in her panties and bra!

  • Can't wait to spray up her pussy!

  • 4 weeks pregnant mom, still 39, and me, still 18 just had sex, the feeling of spraying up her now 4 week pregnant pussy was so much amazing, especially since the last time, back at the end of October 2018 was as amazing, when we both made a baby that night. In a little bit, my mom will breastfeed me, we both love it.

  • This coming Thursday, I turn 19, my mom turns 40 February 2019, tonight we're celebrating that we're going to have a baby, our baby, I just got done breastfeeding, we both took a cold shower together, for 4 weeks pregnant my mom's baby bump looks amazing. Right now my mom's wearing gark grey underwear, her little bit of bare tummy between her big panties and bra makes my wiggle hard in my sinister red boxerbriefs, just feeling the front of her big panties, her little peep of tummy, her bra, I feel so sexually aroused like never before, especially since that's my seed growing our baby in my mom's tummy.

  • You are a moron.

  • My mom is now 7 months pregnant, though her round tummy's small for her 3 rd trimester, we were on a remote part of the beach back on july 4, when she lifted up her top, she looked stunning in the way her lovely round tummy just barely showed off between the high waist of her short shorts and her bra even, I got so suddenly hard I shot cum right that instant all inside the crotch my boxerbriefs.

  • I'm sleeping over at a friend's house, he's 18, he just shared something with me. He said while I was at work, he was at my place, cuz he owed me money he borrowed 2 months ago, be both got hard in our briefs, when he revealed that my mom flahed him. He said my mom's little bit of bare tummy turned him on for reals when she flashed him the front of her pregnancy short shorts, when she lifted up her top and revealed what he got to view of her bra. After we both thought about my mom's enlarging baby bump, both our dicks throbbed and wiggled so hard, they both cummed big time down the crotch's of our briefs, we didn't even have to jack off or any thing.

  • Now ,my mom's tummy is all sexy round at real close to 5 and half months pregnant. Now I'm all nice, and hard in my speedo, especialy she's just came out of her room in her tight ass pregnant short shorts stretched way over her baby bump, and her bra even, ooh!! wow!! Her pregnant short shorts high waistband, her little sliver of bare baby bump, and bra all makes me thinking about how her stepbrother's dick did all that to my sexy mom's tummy even though he's gay, he checks up on her too.

  • Start sucking those milk titties.... Mmmmmm it’s delicious 😋

  • Shouldve seen my mom in her tight little shorts ,and the top she has on, the way it hangs over her sexually arousing titties, those titties not only harden my dick, so does her growing tummy, especially when she lifts up her top to her bra, the way her shorts come over her growing baby bump, the 2 inches of bare tummy between her shorts and bra, when I feel her baby move around in her tummy, it sure hardens my dick. My mom not only notices my hard bulges in my pants, she does handjobs on my hard bulges too, her 2 inches of bare tummy between her shorts, and bras sexually arouses me definitly.

  • Go for it I hope will let you fuck her and when the baby is out try to get her pregnant again with you this time cum in her deep dyou you want this ?

  • Keep us posted. Also, she may be on to you. Try dropping hints about how sexy her being pregnant is.

  • She is on to me, her baby bump's grown abit, she's got a sexy glow, she showed me her 2 inch swath of tummy at my bedroom door just now, she complimented me on how sexy I am in my tight little boxerbriefs, my mom's tummy's getting a little bigger, she had on her pregnancy skirt over her growing baby bump, her c cup bra's got me wiggling all nice and hard in my boxerbriefs!!

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