Wife gets erotic massage

So, before I start my confession I need to tell a back story. My wife and I are 45 years old, and she is very hot. small waste line, fake big boobs, and beautiful. I married way out of my league. On our 5th anniversary we had our first and only swap with my best friend and his wife. She comes from a religious back ground, but has a wild side esp when drinking, but the night freaked her out a little and we stopped early, but not before my friend fucked her good, and I fucked his wife. We have now been married for 15 years and to this day when we are having sex and I talk about my friend fucking her and get detailed about watching his cock inside her she cums instantly.. It is obvious the topic turns her on. And she has no problem with giving me blow jobs while I pull up her dress going down the highway and letting truckers see everything as we pass by them.. and it turns me on allot. So,, this past weekend I hire a 27 year old hot guy that used to be a stripper, and has now turned massage therapist. He met us at a hotel and gave my wife a erotic massage. After he arrived my wife pulled her clothes off and laid on the edge of the bed totally nude. The guy started to massage her on her right side and rubbed oil all over her ass and reached between her legs and rubbed his hand against her puss. It was hot, and totally turning me on. He then had her switch sides. This time he was rubbing her left side. and he started on her back then worked his way down her legs. He then pulled her left knee up exposing her pussy. I watched as the guy massaged her ass again, then he put more oil on his hand and massaged her pussy. This time he spent allot of time rubbing her puss. And just as I was about to bust he stuck two fingers in her puss and started going after it. Thrusting his fingers as deep as he could in her pussy. OMG !!! OMG it was so hot !!! He then had her turn over and began to rub her nice tits, and started going on at how nice they were. He worked his way once again down to her pussy and then he spread her legs slightly and stuck his fingers once again in her puss !!! and started to masturbate her! Well you have to know my wife. She likes to close her legs when shes fingered cause it makes it feel better to her and that's what she did. She clamped around his fingers and raised her ass off the bed, and I could tell she was enjoying it !! and I know I was. I was expecting her to reach out and grab the guys cock at any minute. She instead asks the guy to stop !!!! I was a bit disappointed, but in a sense very satisfied just because what I got to witness was so hot. I had planned to leave and give them alone time, but couldn't bring myself to leave. It was just so hot watching! Anyway, To my problem. During the massage I tried to kiss my wife and she pushed me away. That hurt my feelings a bit, and she later told me she didn't want it to be a threesome. She also told me later in the day that she would have raped the guy if he had of taken his shirt off like he asked me by text if he should. I think her exact words were. He would have had to pay me. She also told me if I had of left she defiantly would have raped the guy. Well her pushing me away has bothered me so I asked her today why, and she said she wasn't into another guy having sex with her, and that she didn't want a threesome. Okay soo I am so confused. Cause she has also said she would let this guy massage her again. What the hell !!! Part of me wants to just throw my hands up and give up on this fantasy ! Soo, please give me some advice ! I am desperate ! Ohh she also made the statement that me just watching was just weird, soo,, obviously I should have left for a while, but do I bring it up again ? do I let it go ? Do I stop talking sexy to her during sex cause it just gets my hopes up?


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  • This is probably as good as it gets for you dude. Tone down the talk and venture into some other fantasy. You are only going to get burned and this won't go well for you whichever way you look at it if you keep pushing it.

  • My wife has a massage with the works in our home once every two weeks she has a lesbian masseuse, first she has a slow sensual massage then they have all types of Lesbian sex nothing excluded then she is shaved and waxed and they shower together after that when they are dried off she is totally made up, that includes painting her vagina and arse hole deep red with indelible ink and last a nice hair do often died as well, it takes between 3 to 6 hours.
    We pay $130 per hour and both are certain it is worth every cent usually her birthday is a free service.

  • My wife has a permanent erotic massage booking every Wednesday afternoon with a real hunk of a young guy but to ensure he does not fuck her she agreed to have her vagina lips pierced two on each side so I could lock two small cute padlocks through, he is allowed to finger her just where he can fit them but mainly uses her arse but he cannot put his dick in, part of the service is he shaves and waxes her, I have permitted her to give him a blow job or two every session and they seem to be sticking to the arrangement it has been on for eight months and we pay him $250 per session usually lasts for between 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours.
    Pretty good value seeing she is climbing the walls for sex when I get home.

  • Follow the other advice and leave her there. My wife has a masseuse who comes by three times a week. He is a very handsome BBC. He finishes the massage by riding her bareback. Nothing better than coming home to a relaxed wife.

  • Gotta ask, have you not ever wanted to watch? or record? or join? I really don't have a problem letting her be alone, but the urge to watch or join is strong.. lol

  • Thanks again ! I don't know if I mentioned in my post.. but I also videoed most of it,, I just couldn't help it ! but your are correct I should have just left. At least I have the video ! LOL I cant stop watching it

  • Be nice to her, arrange another massage and you stay in the bar don't even meet or see him, have a nice evening meal when they are finished, cleaned up and she comes to the bar, she will love you heaps more for it.
    My wife has had an ongoing lesbian relationship with her best friend since high school and it still continues, I just leave them alone when they want sex together it works out great.

  • Very simple. Leave the room. Set it up again and don’t be there. If it’s truly about her you’ll let her have fun.

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