My nipples

My nipples are super sensitive, the biggest erogenous zone that I have is the two of them. My husband knows this of course and will spend half an hour just teasing them to get me going, I get completely soaked just from about ten minutes of stimulation to them. They will tingle for an hour afterwards and quite often even with a good bra I end up pointing thru the fabric a little.
He asked me a while back if we could try tying me up and playing with me, tickling, teasing and giving me a few orgasms all in bondage. I did not even have to think about it because I knew I would love it, I had been tied up in the past but did not think he would like to do it so I never brought it up.
Years ago my brother used to love to tie me up and we would spend hours doing it on summer vacations, I knew he was just doing it to play with my body but I did not care because I loved it. I would wear loose shorts without anything else on under them, sometimes I just wore a t shirt telling him that my bra was uncomfortable with the ropes around it. He would blind fold me and he never knew that I could feel his breath on my skin at times when he was really close to my thighs looking up my shorts. I felt his touches as he wrapped ropes around me brushing my breasts, nipples and rear end. I never told him to stop anything he was doing and eventually he just lifted my shirt right up over my breasts and played with them. He would slide my shorts aside and lick and finger me, I loved all of it and always let him do it. One day when he had me in a sitting position he had been playing with me for an hour at least, I had already had one orgasm and was working on my second. I just blurted out between my breaths asking him to make me suck his cock, I was so excited when his cock slid into my mouth I felt tingles everywhere as I sucked on him.
My husband was really excited when I told him yes, I would love to be tied up by you. We bought some rope and I gave him plenty of ideas as we explored our sexual fun. He wanted to try suspending me and it took some time but soon I was facing downward and hanging in mid air. He took two vibrators and positioned them under my nipples then put them on high, I was getting so stimulated by them that I could feel myself having contractions trying to squeeze myself into an orgasm. He was feeling like teasing me a lot that day and would barely touch my clit, he was touching every other part of me and sliding his cock across my lips often. I was getting to the point of real frustration and my nipples were now tingling far worse than ever before when he turned off the vibrators. I felt them pulled away from me then he was pinching them a bit. I then felt something just clamp right down on them and the sensation went right down my spine like electricity. I felt it again and realized that it was indeed electricity, he had clamped wires to my nipples that were connected to a muscle contractor or what ever they are called, he messed around with the intesity and timing until I was moaning out pretty good. I then felt him putting a vibrator on my clit and then it was turned on high. I knew I would orgasm in a few minutes because I was turned on like crazy, the stimulation to my nipples only intensified the vibrations sending tingles up and down my body.
I started to orgasm and felt myself contracting harder than ever rocking around in the ropes, I could hear my husband telling me I looked hot as hell as my body shook with the biggest orgasm I could remember.
I started stuttering out that he had to stop because my orgasm was just going on and on as the vibrator rocked my clit. He turned everything off but still ran his fingers over me feeling my breasts and pussy while telling me how hot I looked hanging there, I was exhausted and my body was still tingling even with everything off.
He got me lowered down and I told him that was the most intense feeling I have ever had in my life, that shock thing was amazing.

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  • Wow , wish my BF would do that to me. I am 22 F and when I was 13 my older step brother would tie me up and tease the hell out of me till I started in having orgasms cumming over and over till my whole body began quivering like jelly.
    At 14 I had sex with him still he did bondage on me and that led to having sex with several of his friends and I was powerless to stop any of them even his BLACK friend who happened to be near donkey size .

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