BF took me dogging

At the weekend i was out with my BF in his car, just cruzin round, and he said he new a dogging site and we should go take a look for a laugh. When we arrived there was a few cars, and a group of mainly men round one. It took me a while to realise they all had their cocks in their hands, wanking off. I was like, we gotta leave, but my BF was like, don't you wanna try?
We had had sex in his car before so that was not an issue to me, but being watched by creepy men was.
I agreed to stay, and we started making out in the car, and before long his hand was up my skirt, he pointed out no one had even noticed us, so why don't we have sex for a laugh. He'd got me quite horny so we hopped in the back, i pulled my knickers off and he dropped his pants.
After a short period of cramped uncomfortable sex, he did there would be more space if he entered from behind. The sex was easier and u was really getting in to it when i saw this old guy right up by the car, i screamed and my BF said, ignore them. I felt kinda trapped and was enjoying sex so i just buried my face in the seat and let it happen.
After i felt my BF cum, i pulled away, but then slipped and accidently pressed my arse against the window. I quickly pulled my skirt down and crawled through to the front, there was loads of guys and 2 women round the car all getting off. My BF drove off laughing at what had happened but i was just embarrassed and scared.

My BF actually wants us to go back! I'm not ashamed of my body (done topless even naked sunbathing in Spain) but this is full on exhibitionist shit!

Any thoughts anyone?

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  • He wants to see you participate

  • Wish I knew of a place like this. I am assuming you are in England

  • Do it before you get married. I wish o would have experienced more when I was younger.

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