How do you get your wife to suck your cock

My wife used to give me blow jobs at the drop of a hat 30 years ago. I can remember weekends and even some evenings when I got home when I received multiple ones. I have not received one since February and before that I think it was summer time. I still treat her the same as I did when we were first married, I have never felt any other way about any other woman since I met her. We share everything, she has been and still is a stay at home Mom because we wanted that for our children. Now she has more time on her hands than she knows what to do with but she will not wrap them around my cock.
I figured since we share everything and talk about anything I brought it up with her one evening while we were in bed. I asked why she thought she no longer wants to give me oral, she told me it is just normal for a woman to lose her sex drive the older she gets. I asked her what I was supposed to do with my sex drive and she told me to beat it off in the shower. I reminded her of what she told me not even five years ago about how women do not need sex everyday but a man needs to orgasm daily as she was sinking her lips around my cock.
I guess it was about two weeks later she suddenly got the urge to have sex and I got home from work with quite a few things on my mind, mostly I had just heard that my company was changing the retirement plan and I was thinking most of the day that I needed to retire so I do not lose anything. I walk thru the door and she is wanting to have sex, I told her to go beat it off in the shower and went up to the office room to study up on this new retirement change.
Well that was a few months ago and now we have not had a hint of sexual activity around the house and I am getting pretty fed up with the whole thing. So now I guess we are just going to be travel buddies when I retire in July and I get to beat off in the shower until I either cannot do that anymore or die because I sure as hell am not going to give up half of what we own for a piece of ass.

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  • Tell u the truth, I don't suck my husbands dick cause I found someone new and sexy, and he wants to treat me like a queen. Nowadays I just lay there while my hubby screws me. But I go all out with my new boy toy

  • Maybe you would have a better marriage if you went all out for your husband instead of being a cheating skank.

  • Give her a choice in her mouth or up her ass.

  • I'm a woman and i say tighten the purse strings. I know so many women who just get fucking lazy but quite happy to spoil themselves, with their husbands wages. My husband and I have sex 3 times a week. It would be more but we have 3 children so it's finding the time. But there's always mutual oral nearly every time we do the deed, Unless it's a quicky in the bathroom. The more you have sex, the more you have it. It's pure laziness.

  • I agree with a few of the other comments, your wife has become comfortable in a lifestyle that you have provided for her. My wife use to love to suck my cock when we were first married in our early 30s. She would always comment on how she loved the taste of my cum and how big I was and couldn't imagine doing that with anyone else. We had sex everywhere, outside, public places, now she won't even give me a handjob. The reasoning for this is that they don't have to try anymore! After a long term marriage, they don't think that you will divorce them and you will be forced to provide a living to them financially for the rest of their life. A choice you will have to make!

  • I am in EXACTLY the same situation. I guess we have to just beat it for the rest of our lives. All I can do is hope she dies before me and while I can still attract someone.

  • Pull it out and push it into her mouth. Be a man

  • And I'll be laughing at you when your wife files a rape charge against you on her way out the door

  • It’s the Trump age now, men take and get what they want.

  • I got a real cock eater at heart ❤️ Just have to show her it.

  • I get the gay guy next door to blow me, instead.

  • Your wife has become spoiled and complacent. Denying a partner of their need is self centered and selfish. I speak out of experience as I spoiled my stay at home wife myself. There was no un-ringing that bell for me as she wore me down to now just being a work horse and her provider. Words can't express how much I grew to hate that woman and she wonders why I left her?

  • Sounds like me...... on my way out the door too. SELFISH CUNT!

  • I lost everything to a frigid turned wife 20 yrs ago for a piece of ass. I have a good life now, get a BJ and sex on the norm everyday. I would do it all over again.

  • Not good. The mother of my kids pretty much did the same. I left her and had a satisfying sex life (even better) since. Life is short, I'm not going to waste it for a few material stuff.

  • Given my 911 GT3 or a pussy, I’ll take the Porsche every time.

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