Watching her get fucked

I have been wanting my wife to fuck other guys! I know she has a deep pussy cause she van take a 10" dildo all the way in her pussy.
when I use it on her she I tell her to think about it being some guy with a big cock, she gets sloppy wet and cums so hard.
I know she thinks about it and I know she talks to a lot of different guys on other web sites. I just wish she would talk one of them to come over and fuck her. I would love to watch her but if she wants the first time to be just him and her that is fine with me.
she has my ok to fuck other guys anytime she wants to, I just want to know she is doing it and not behind my back.
so what else can I do to convince her to fuck other guys

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  • Find a totally hot guy online and talk to him then pretend he’s your friend and invite him over. Get her tipsy and watch her loosen up. Play games and see if she’s willing to show him something in return. When she sees his cock I bet she’ll want to hold it and then suck it

  • Remember if you agree to her having a boyfriend with a large cock her pussy will become a bit loser.

  • I married my wife when she was only 18. She never had sex with anyone else. She really never was very inventive in bed. She claimed sex was boring at times. I suggested she have sex with other men and see if it did anything for her. She tried it and now she is a total slut in bed I am not complaining I think its great. She is free to fuck anyone anywhere anytime she wants to as long as i get some of that fine pussy of hers. Been working great for us the past nine years.

  • This was exactly how we started using toys and talking getting mentally ok with the idea takes time. My wife said she wanted to but would back out we talked while I used a large dildo on her. It was very thick and just over 10” we had bought several she preferred the really thick one best to orgasm. Finding the right person who she picked out that she was attracted to and also measured up. Best thing it to make sure she is attracted and comfortable with the guy or it’s not going to be any good or most likely willl never happen with you around.

  • If she's going to fuck some guy, this must be on her terms. Every time some stipulation is thrown up, that becomes another obstacle/reason for her NOT to do this. Next, FORGET about 'convincing' her to do this. In fact BOTH of you should forget this. 'Convincing' doesn't work. You want to TEMPT her with this.

    Instead of TELLING her to think about ... wait until she is getting into this. Then take the 'wow, honey! You REALLY like this big dildo ... can you imagine a real dick this size ... only warm ... with flesh ... and a heart beat ... stretching you out ... filling you COMPLETELY ... MAKING you surrender TOTALLY ... so that all you can do is feel ... and pump ... and feel ... and pump ... GAWD -- you're so WET!

    Get HER thinking and fantasizing about this. After a few times ... make HER admit these things ... that SHE needs huge dick ... that huge dick feels so much BETTER ... and DRIVES her to a smashing hard climax that leaves her spinning ...

    I've helped push along more than a few women. Since she's talking with other guys now, it'll be easy. I can email her. Once a wife opens up, once she starts writing honestly, once I get into their heads, it's usually all over. They get very, very tempted. I build and build tension until it's all they can think about. Then I build more tension until their vows break like a flood all over some huge dick.

    Think this over. Be sure you're really ready. Let me know.

  • I’m having the same problem convincing my wife too

  • If you figure out a way to get her to do it let me know,
    my wife know she can fuck anyone she wants.
    maybe that's the problem, maybe I should tell her she that I changed my mind and she is stuck with my short dick

  • My ex had a good 9 inchs but that’s what he was bragging rights. Definitely not the best lover infact with him sex once a week left you burning and soreness for a few days so once a week was enough. My husband now is like almost daily and leaves me craving more no sore. I find avg is friendly. Have a good day

  • I think u like the bigger dick more then her who cares if it fits in there .i bet she cums harder then a waterfall 💧 with just the right tongue 👅 and finger

  • She does cum like a water fall when I eat and finger her, she has said at one time she would like to try a huge cock but hasn't acted on it.
    she has told me she talks to one guy that that has a 10 inch cock and he gets her off just by stroking his cock tell her what he wants to do to her.
    I told her she can do him if she wants, she never answers what she wants to do

  • My vote is to tell her everything you told us. Honesty is good and she'll probably respond in kind and not go behind your back

  • She already knows I want to see her fucking another guy with a big cock and I don't know how many times I have told her she can go out and fuck someone without me there just as long as she tells me her plans and that she has fucked someone.

  • Buddy -- just look at where this is at.

    She's already admitted she wants this. That alone is huge.

    But she also watches this guy. And he gets her off just by talking to her.

    Can you even imagine her buildup if he ever started rubbing that thing over her face, put it between her legs and otherwise used it on her?

    Here's the thing. She's knows this is going ruin sex with you. And by the time you see it and tell her to put the genie back in the bottle, she'll be hooked.

    That's why she's holding back.

    I told you to think this over very carefully. She already has. VERY carefully.

    IF you're absolutely determined to make this happen, write me at

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