Married male and I love the taste of cum!

I am a married male and I am also bi. I love the taste of cum and would love to eat my own cum but once I ejaculate I lose the urge to eat it for at least a few minutes so I usually just wipe it or dump it. Then after a few minutes I cannot believe I wasted a good load like that! I know I like the taste and my wife knows it as well. I have sucked her pussy many times after she has had sex with other guys and even after 3somes during which I came in her pussy too. What she does for me now is to have me cum inside of her and then when I lay beside her she will kiss and caress my cock and balls to get me going again. Within a few minutes, even if I am not hard, I am horny again and she will straddle my face so I can lick and suck her pussy and eat my own cum from her dripping cunt.

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  • No way am I flexible enough to suck or squirt my own cum into my mouth instead I cum into a plastic milk bottle, from time to time I pour a fair bit into my juicer with milk and chocolate flavour and make a nice milkshake.
    Tastes great.

  • Your nearly the same as I, what I do is add a little milk and put the mixed contents into a couple of iceblock containers to be frozen for later very nice on a hot day

  • Explode into a receptacle my good man! Next day eat that filth and you'll explode again cause all that nastiness in your mouth.

  • I would like to try this too

  • I'll give you mine

  • Https:// megans sister is seriously more prettier then the Despicable Me-gun, I thought she was the one marrying the prince when I first seen her. I think her pretty sister would steal the show like pippa did ! well at least it shows her prettier sister cares about others! and she looks so like princess Diana as well ! look at that graceful natural beautiful smile on samatha's face and her honesty and she obviously understands disability. Obvious who is the real the under-rated but beautiful Queen here! I understand because my sister keeps doing this to, she keeps getting married a number of time who is very self involved and abuses her family for black men too! while I get ignored and my parents have noticed this! my sister who marries all the time loves eating black cum too that is all she talks about and it makes us sick. she has us living in hovel poverty hell and abusing her family for all her men.

  • You don't have to married once or twice before you get it right! you might have to go looking and lots of hits and misses dating but this is a joke. I think people feel a deep sense of disappointment about everything royal today.

  • I think megan markals sister is prettier then her. she is more genuine looking as a person as well. I just pointing out what I see. I think meghan has been spoilt black and rotten blingster style. sort of gangster. clearly her sister has more class cuz she is not just white but there is something about megan that is creepy and mean in her eyes. i think its manipulative and gangster personality of her that harry is seduced by but will regret. Cressida is just the prettiest name for a princess however or Chelsey but I think there is more behind these dumping harry then we know about. NOT SAD SAY BUT I THINK NO ONE WANTS TO BE KATE OR MEGAN OR THE NEXT DIANA FOR FEAR OF THE CURSE WITHIN THE PALACE. AND I REALLY DO BELIEVE THIS UK MONARCHY IS ON ITS WAY OUT AND THEY HAVE KNOWN THAT ONE FOR SOME TIME. THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN ENGLAND ABSOLUTELY SICK OF THIS WICKED CURSE-ED MEANLY REGIME FAMILY THAT HAS HURT WHITE PEOPLE IN THE COMMONWEALTH. LOOK BACK AT HISTORY AND OTHER COUNTRIES LEFT THE COMMONWEALTH 2 CENTURIES AGO.

  • No one wants to see your dumb wedding and creepy wedding dress. i think they will be safe on the day cuz no one will be there. I really don't want to know about them and I think the rest of the world feel this way about them.

  • I can see where the sibilings are coming from. the brother might be a rotter but if they had any sense they should not even bother going to the wedding. I won't go to any. I don't like the uk royal family at all. megan is compared to sarah ferguson so I think where is the dignity on that this family rips off people in poverty and so many down pushed brits and these lot are having a BIG GIMP WEDDING. just because the brother is a rotter doesn't mean to say he doesn't know what megan really is. fame does change people. royals just don't express much. its amusing watching them suffer in silence. it is too late for harry not to marry the slut. she will embarrass them, they are doing a good job of embarrassing themselves all on their own those uk royals with all the attention seeking in the media, they go to none stop efforts to be envied and self love is over the top. it wont have anything to do with the world because they should just marry quietly and go off quietly and stop pushing themselves on the world. people want their own lives to be important to them not others in their face. so its up the media to stop it all.

  • I think the world media are just doing this to get people to feel sorry for old meg-hens, I couldn't feel sorry for her if i tried because i think she will earn every cent of her wedding steal from the world if that marriage even lasts 2 years. I don't like the way the media put her sister down and play up the circus of the markle sparkleass lives. she only should have ever had 2 minutes of fame because there were better brides then this one they dug out of the sewage for. the media also making out "oh well, she really is extra special royal blood" well , why did they head hunt her earlier ? it has to be the money I am thinking and her ability to bring in hollywood whores and riches and essential fame card because they would have chosen better. If harry is in love with megan he is an idiot and will regret it.

  • I have no doubt megs like a bit of cum but it will show on her complexion and their kids are not going to be attractive at all. there is something sinister about a woman who leaves a marriage and plays like meghan and I think the public and the fans feel deceived by her presence.

  • Big fat gump or gimp wedding yes, but the real rotters are the media tv stations and radio and newspapers and magazines actually publicising this shit family and shit royal family. because oh, you are such a nark if you say "well fuck man I don't fucking like any of them cuz they are assholes" want to be bullied and abused, just say you hate the royals and you see the real narcissistic games of the royal family come out, they will drop you so hard like a pig in fat oil burning if you stand up for yourself against their black evil satanic occult ways! so who are the real rotters? diana was the devil giving birth to demons and mocked the world if she is now a male. wake up world. the queen is a leso man child and senile, charles is a gumpy trumpy and andrew is a joke fat and guzzly like sarah, and its all a joke, we the public actually don't want to see them and their ugly happy faces whipped in faces every single day of our lives when we know they are bad and evil and when you been the victim of them you know it. we want to have our own weddings and babies and just because they want to be UP THERE Envied doesn't mean to say they will be and you better be careful of what you wish for cuz they just might get envied by a sad poor lonely mean pain filled angry war of commoners and brits and good citizens who have had enough! and want revolt away from this terrible oppressive monarchy of witches.

  • People are so sick of this draining family in uk. can we please have some other news about real people real problems and getting a better life rather then all these fake people of regal alien assent. everyone is sick of hearing about you dear. everyone is sick of your stories and dramas. so momma niggar fix it going to have a tell all interview? guess what hubbba, no one gives two frigs. just let us have our lives. go broadcast your royal weddings and babies and tell all stories up to your martians. please let us all have a life without you bothering us.

  • Bodybag wedding dress?

  • She is a bag of cum anyway.

  • So they say think some one is out to kill them at the wedding? no one will even want to see their wedding to go. then my advice is don't show off so much. hell my married mum could divorce and marry king charles too some day!

  • Her wedding dress won't make her a pretty bride, I mean kate was ugly bride and awful wedding dress and so was dianas and all of them. they have no style but show-off. attention seeking sucks. royal scammers.

  • Where the hell did that awful name come from ragland? it reminds me of that song "we're all going to gracelands" but instead its raglands , its fucking awful.

  • A true raggs to riches story this is. a nig rompamance!

  • Yum wife pussy on face!

  • Self sucking works out well for me and when I was younger my friend and I would take turns sucking each other off. I always enjoyed it and swallowed his cum as well.

  • My husband told me one time after I had given him a blow job that he could suck his own also. I had commented that he enjoyed those so much I was surprised he did not suck it himself. I was surprised by it and asked him to show me, he told me that he was going to have to stretch first and work up to it but when he was ready he would show me. It took him a few weeks to get back to being able to do it but I was amazed when I saw half his cock disappear into his mouth. He told me in his teens he could get the whole thing in his mouth but did not do that often because just sucking on the head felt great to him. I then asked him about the cum part and he told me that he swallowed all the time when he did it back then.
    I have to admit it was a pretty big turn on watching him suck his own cock, I can lick and suck my own nipples but I never was flexible enough to lick myself.

  • I was similar to you with losing the urge to eat it after I’ve cum so now I lie on my back and push my legs in the air rolling back on to my neck so my dick is above my face. I just open my mouth and shoot my spunk directly in to my mouth now. So good. Never waste a load now and no clean up needed

  • Would love to join in with you

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