Spanking my daughter

I have 3 kids, the youngest, a girl, is 10. They are all bad kids that regularly get into trouble, but my girl is the worst of the lot. My wife lost interest in disciplining them, so it now falls to me to do the spanking and grounding. It seemed like normal spanking wasn't doing the trick with my girl, so I now make her take her pants down and receive her spankings on her bare bottom. I don't do this with the boys, because they still cry with their clothes on. But my daughter is stubborn. She stopped crying, so I had to do it harder. When she got used to that, well, that's when the clothes came off. The only way I can make her cry anymore - really cry - is by spanking her with all I've got on her bare bottom, for 5-10 minutes straight. Her bottom looks the color of a ripe plum at the end of the punishment, and my hand began to get so sore that I had to find something more efficient. At first, I tried using a normal work glove, but that took forever to achieve the desired result. So I looked around on the internet and found a few things that looked perfect. First, a studded leather glove. It has pointed spikes on the palm and fingers, like little tiny silver pyramids all lined up in the perfect spots. I also noticed a leather spanking paddle that looked rather savage, so I thought I'd give that a try, too. I chose one with the word "Naughty" engraved on it, which I thought was rather perfect. My wife opened the package when it came a few days later, but said nothing to me about it. I just saw it on my dresser, opened but with both items still inside. I was slightly embarrassed, so I didn't bring it up, either. The next time the little one acted out, I must say I was looking forward to trying out the implements. I could see her eyes widen when I pulled on the glove and tightened it around my wrist. She leaned onto my lap a little tentatively, but stiff-lipped and resolute as always. I started out slowly, and could immediately tell the difference. Her body tensed up markedly with every whack of the spiked glove. The marks it left were impressive. She began to cry, and with the tears came high-pitched squeals and leg squeezes (her hands on my leg). It was empowering to me to finally have this kind of power, and I found myself becoming a little too excited, too into it. I felt my face flush and become hot and sweaty, and I started grimacing and baring my teeth like a dog bares its fangs with every whack of her little naked ass. She was howling in pain, struggling to free herself, but I would not allow her to get away. It was like I was suddenly a different person. I felt like I was watching the proceedings from the other side of the room. She was a terrified little girl getting her bare bottom savaged by a man three times her size, and I was the perpetrator. I didn't understand how I had descended to such a dark place, but there I was. And I was enjoying it, every second of it. Afterwards, as she pitifully slid on her colorful panties, I noticed a patch of wetness on my trousers. I glanced between her legs and saw her engorged lips, slightly opened and glistening. She wobbled a bit as she gingerly stepped into the hall. Moments later, I heard the click of the lock on the bathroom door, followed by the shower turning on. I got up and closed the door, then masturbated with the glove on. I think this is a dangerous trajectory, but I also can't wait to see what happens next.



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  • Nice fantasy dude.

  • She obviously wanted the spankings. She wants to see what ways you'll discipline her. She wants you to punish her with your cock next time.

  • The old syringe full of sperm up the young pussy would work here?

  • You're exactly the kind of controlling pervert who gets murdered by his kids when they're old enough to fully understand what a monster you are.

  • I don't believe a word of that story, except the part where you masturbate, because that's probably the only sex you have, scumbag 😠

  • I think you should throw those things away, your daughter is only 10 years old and the level of pain you’re causing her is scarring, she obviously doesn’t react well to physical punishment- you should try talking out the problems first then if that doesn’t work put her on time out and if that doesn’t work then maybe spanking- but that should be a last resort. You’re obviously losing yourself when you hurt her and you should try that stuff with your wife as a form of foreplay if she’s alright with it and not your daughter. If you continue with these methods of punishment then you’re going to go past the point of no return, you should have love for your daughter and want to see her grow as a person not your dick grow over her pain- what you’re doing is forming a lust relationship with her and that is the opposite of what is needed. Please stop this and try new ways of punishment.

  • Yes stop punishing her and send her to my house in school st llanbradach Wales 56 I sort her and your wife out

  • Couldn't agree more. You could also try positive reinforcement.


  • Ha ha who a jealous person then

  • I hope you end up getting the living shit beaten out of you in prison, you sick fuck.

  • Have you videoed it

  • Seems you might have found out one of the reasons she acts out, cause she enjoys being spanked

  • Physical abuse ( spanking your children ) is against the law in the United States

  • SPANKING ISN'T ABUSE! JESUS CHRIST. What I'm saying is, I've been through WAY more then just spanking and I'm still alive. SO STOP SAYING IT'S FUCKING PHYSICAL ABUSE!!

  • I don't agree with what this guy did but I sure as hell will spank my kids when they misbehave to a certain degree.

  • Can I spank your kids please I live in south Wales UK

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