I want to fuck my uncle

Im gay and im 18 and my uncle is 45, ive liked him since i was 16, he has had two wifes and they have dumped him and i know he hasnt had sex in almost a year. now i am 80% sure hes straight and ive had dreams where we fucked since i was 16 and i dont know how to ask him if he had the same dreams or if he has feeling for me. i love looking at him shirtless and all that jazz, but i have no idea if hes bi or if he likes me or if he has had the same dreams. is there a way to find all this out?

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  • If I was your uncle, I would chop off your pathetic little gay pecker and freeze it solid and then shove it up your ass sideways, with no lube. Nothing personal against you or any other gays, just telling you what some people think of your type, so you best be sure about your uncle before you try to fuck him.

  • Well as you can see noone is interested in your gay hopes so piss off eh ?

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