First time stepping out wearing wife's panties

I have loved wearing my wife's used panties for many years. I have also suffered from erectile dysfunction for many years so eventually I encouraged my wife to find a boyfriend to take care of her sexual needs. My favorite panties to wear are the ones that she wears home after they have sex but I have only worn them here at home. She cannot get pregnant (hysterectomy) so he usually cums inside of her. Needless to say, her panties are usually very wet and sticky when she gets home and pulls them off for me to lick her clean. She is a university professor and today she invited me to meet her for lunch. I decided to venture out and wear her latest pair of used panties. I would never have dreamed of the thrill it is to walk around wearing her used panties and to walk by so many young girls (and guys!) on campus on my way to her office! When I told her I was wearing them she said she was happy to provide me with some excitement (even if it did not show!) and that she and her boyfriend would make sure I was well supplied with used panties! I absolutely adore my wife!

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