What is the kinkiest/sex story you were ever involved in?

My kinkiest/sex story is...

My wife and I decided for our 25th anniversary to do something special and kinky. We agreed to set up a orgy but we had to be blindfolded. We weren't allowed to know who our partners were. I had a co-worker in his 20's(who she never met) for my wife and I don't know who she set up for me. We were in our bedroom naked and they were instructed to come by, enter our bedrooms and have sex with us. So while my wife was having sex with my co-worker friend, she had a woman friend come by and fuck me. To this day we decided never to reveal who the partners were. It was the most excited sex her and I have ever had. Her and I have been thinking to do this ever year on our anniversary.

What is your kinkiest story?

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  • Last year i was on a night out w friends. We did a few bars before going to a club, but got seperated and by the time i was at the door they had closed entry.

    I went back to the bar we had last been in n was messaging my mates to see if they all got in. This really old guy came over n sat down w me n said hed seen me earlier and asked if id lost my friends. I said i thought i may have n he said hed buy me a drink while i waited n just went off to get one before i cud say no thnx.

    He came back n we chatted as we drank n the more we chatted the more i didnt mind it. He was very old, not in great shape, very old... but he was very confident, very direct n i cud see him undressing me w his eyes as he looked at me. The more we chatted the more flirty he was n the more damp i got.

    After a cpl more drinks he said my friends obviously werent coming back. He said his place was near by n we should head there. I cudnt believe iwas even considering it but found my self getting up n goin w him

    He did have a really nice flat very near n he gave me a tour round it showing me his bedroom last of all. When we walked in he closed the door behind us n pulled me to him. I just thought in for a penny... lol

    Spent the night n have to say the sex was very very good. Felt like a total slut being fucked n eaten n suckin a dirty fat old pensioner lol. It was v v kinky

  • My grandma let me shower with her after she caught me trying to watch her. We didn't have sex but she let me JO as she soaped up her tits and pussy in front of me.

  • Geez, my grandmother only knitted me a scarf.

  • Went on a cruise with my husband and his parents, my husband and his mom was late, and never made it on time back to the boat, and it left them. It was too expensive to meet us so they flew back home, and his father and I stayed the remainder of the cruise. We had a great time everyday, playing games, sightseeing, swimming, and dancing every night. Everyone thought we were a couple, so we let it ride. We took pictures as a couple. I was onlyn23 and his dad was 38. One night after dinner it was like a couples sex question to see if u knew your partner, we were one out of 4 couples chosen. I was really turn on by the questions they were asking. Later on, after the game was over we were dancing, but this time it was more sexual, our bodies were touching, I could feel his dick getting hard, I let his hands run through my body. It was a beautiful night as we walked on the ship holding hands, and when we reached my room, and I went to kiss him goodnight, I immediately went straight for the lips, and u can guess, what happened next. We fucked, over and over. The next 3 days we were all over each other, we couldn't stop kissing, we tried to fuck every where we could on the boat. Til this day we only agree to let this happen on Mother's Day & Father's Day

  • I was 17, my parents were having their summer bash for the forth of July. There were a lot of friends and relatives invited every year. Lots of food and drinking. It was getting late everyone was pretty drunk . I had been putting stuff a way and went down into our basement. One of my father's co workers had offered to help carry a fold up table for me. Once down there he came up behind me ,put his arms around me and started kissing my neck. I pretty much melted into him. He soon had me bent over an old couch , my shorts and panties on the floor and my bikini top just hanging off my neck as he groped my breasts and fucked me from behind.My mother caught us but just turned and went back up stairs. I was scared to death to even look at her when I came out of the basement. Her having consumed lots of wine ,came over to me and said " Its ok baby , don't tell your dad but Jason bent me over that couch too!"

  • With my husband sleeping in a hospital bed and the man in the next bed over trying to sneak a look up my skirt I let my legs fall open to give him a little view of my panties. I kept readjusting my legs until it was clear he was no longer even trying to hid the fact he was staring up my skirt . I shot him a little grin and he rubbed his groin in response ,then mouthed to me "I'm so hard" . I glanced at my husband who was sound asleep stood up and closed the curtain went to the neighboring man's bed and rubbed his cock . He laid back on the bed as I bent down taking the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking him . In less than two minutes his hands were on top of my head forcing me down as he was pumping his cum in my mouth. He had just let me up and pulled his blanket over his waist as his wife walked in. I have no idea why I did it, it was completely out of character for me, but my pantie were soaked .

  • Fuck. That is one hot story.

  • Idk. I work in a hospital and patient's body odor and hygiene gets awful lol but yea hot story

  • Some of us like man scent. Mmmmmm.

  • Banging my foreign neighbour.She's eastern European,has big tits,wide hips,a great ass and long dark hair down to her waist.She has a bush on her but her pussy is incredibly tight.

  • In my early twenties my boyfriend and I used to hike out to a small pond on his grandfather's farm, go skinny dipping and have sex out in the open on a blanket. We were there one day and started going at it ,both of us naked lying on the blanket and I'm sucking his cock. He stops me saying he thinks he saw someone watching. Looking around and sure enough there was a guy watching. I still don't know what got into me that day but I sat straight up my tits fully on display waving to him I yelled come get a closer look. My boyfriend was like what are you doing? I don't want a guy watching us. I pushed him back down and started sucking his cock as the other boy stood watching.

    My boyfriend started freaking out when the other boy dropped his shorts and started to masturbate telling me this was to fucked up and he wasn't into letting someone watch him getting a blowjob. I responded by telling him he could watch us then , he didn't seem to get it at first but when I started sucking the other boy's cock he started protesting. I don't know why but at the moment I was feeling wild and I told him I wanted him to watch me get fucked. He was telling me I was a slut and he didn't believe I would do this to him all while I was on my hands and knees with this total stranger fucking me. My boyfriend walked about ten feet away then turned and watched. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm like I did that day while looking into my boyfriend's eyes while the guy fucking me was moaning he was cumming .

  • Did your boyfriend break up with you, or fuck you too?

  • No he didn't break up with me . He was mad at me but I told him I was just having fun and thought he would join in. I ended up fucking or sucking off a few of his friends in front of him . He would sit in the room watching and be pissed off but wouldn't leave. Eventually it ended when two guys had sex with me while he sat on the couch and watched .I left with one of the other guys and never went back to my boyfriend.

  • I'm a 34 year old married mum of 3.My kinkiest sex story would have to be cheating with a 25 year old guy I met at my gym.For the past 7 months I've been fucking him at least once a week.He's just so good in bed and has the biggest dick I've ever taken.I know its wrong but I love it too much.

  • How did it happen the first time, did he pursue you or did you him?

  • Yeah he did the chasing,total flirt.I already liked him then grew to love the flirty attention and he knew it.All it took was asking me to come to his place.

  • I was dating a woman much older than me, whose husband had recently died. I was actually two years younger than her son, who was away at college. She liked to have me dress up in his clothes and pretend we were mother and son when we went out on dates. She also loved to role play as mom and son when we had sex--not every time, but often enough to know this was a huge fantasy of hers. She especially loved to fuck me with a strapon when I wore his old jerseys or school uniforms.

    Her son happened to be in town on our one-year anniversary. Through some trickery, persuasion, luck, and a little bit of booze, all three of us wound up in her bedroom, naked. I had my first threesome and sucked my first cock that night, and he came inside her while she screamed his name.

  • On a cruise with the family, went to the club/bar with my daughter, dancing & drinking with some guys, she wanted to go back to the room with them. We hooked up, she had one on one bed and I had the other, my guy finished quick and was passed out, as I got dressed and was about to leave, the other guy said come join us, so I did. The next morning we had breakfast with the family (husband & son) and the 2 men we had just had sex with sat down to have breakfast with us.

  • I visited a friend of mine at her apartment, and her bf was there. They had just started dating and he was way cute. We were sitting around drinking and my friend asked if I would film her and her bf having sex. They wanted a good vid with closeups and stuff. It was just the 3 of us (my husband wasn't around), so I said sure. Watching them fuck was so hot. After he finished in her, she let me give her a lick so I could taste him as he dripped out. I was wet af from doing that.

  • I really wanted to date a man , I couldn't stop thinking about him night and day. He would say things like I'm flattered or I hope you feel the same way when you're a little older. I begged and begged him finally he said he would take on a date to the movies but that was it. He agreed to come pick me up the next Friday. I was running around the house like a chicken lol. Luckily my parents were not home , they went to some friends and would be home later. When he knocked I yelled out come in. As he was standing there by the front door I came out of my room and down the hall holding an outfit up to me and another one in my other hand. When I got within a few feet of him I moved the outfit aside and held both up to either side of me. Revealing the fact I was completely naked. His eyes almost popped out and he said oh shit I'm in serious trouble. I don't remember how many times he made me cum or even how many times we did it. But I it was earth moving.

  • We were married at the justice of the piece , only our parents were there. We couldn't afford a fancy wedding and a big reception too. We of course went with the big reception. Mostly because I moved to a different town and that's were I met my husband. So the truth is that in my old town I was widely known as the girl to see if you wanted a blow job. When we arrived to the place we were having the party , it was already going on. My husband stayed in his suit and I stayed in my wedding dress. It wasn't long before some of the guys I used to umm help were trying to get me to help them there. I said that I was afraid that my husband my brand new husband that I just married would catch us. They assured me that some one would keep watch. I went around the corner of the building knelt down and went to work. After 3 of them were satisfied I said I should go mingle so know one is asking where the bride disappeared to. About 10 minutes later I made my way back around the corner this time I didn't kneel I was just bent over and giving a guy some head. One of the other guys got behind me lifted my dress, pulled my panties down and started fucking me. I ended up giving two more blow job's and was fucked one more time after. Finally I got to enjoy the rest of the reception.

  • It isn't a sex story but the kinkiest thing i've done was I met this older couple on aol and I used to jerk off on cam for them. They didn't have sex they would watch and command me. LOL

  • I have always been a bit of a freak. I have to been told that I'm attractive but and cute , but I the truth is I am flat chested and short. My kinky time is I go to places were gay/bi men hang out. Example trails and in parks and rest stops at along the freeway. I then dress as a boy, including a baseball cap. I then find these men and suck them off. I have been into doing this since highschool

  • LOL, I love your story, and that you are getting dick by pretending to be a guy! Enjoy and have fun.

  • My husband's childhood best friend was moving up to our area for a new job. He stayed with us while he was getting used to his new job and was looking for a place to stay. When I met him the first time I was honestly taken by how incredibly handsom and well put together he was. The stories were flowing between the two men , also he would make little comments. Like I can't believe you have such a hot wife bro , or your wife is so beautiful. He would also slightly hit on me. It's just one of those things as too what happened one day. We all went to bed , I had a very sexually explicit dream about my husband's friend and I. The next morning my husband got up to go to the bathroom and hop in the shower. I got up and opened the bedroom door to go down stairs. I stood there like a statue because his friend was in the spare bedroom door looking at me and completely naked and hard. As he started to approach me I heard the shower turn on . I slowly started stepping back but I couldn't go far as I backed into my bed. He walked up to me and opened my robe he softly pushed me so that I sat on my bed. Then pushed me so I was lying down. He pulled my panties down and off and started licking my pussy. He then stood up and slid his dick in me. He waisted no time he held my legs up and was totally thrashing me. I had a hard time not screaming in pleasure. Almost simultaneously he was cumming in me as the shower stopped. Quickly he went to his room and I kicked my panties under the bed tied my rode and went down stairs.

  • Amazing woman.

  • Talk about having a fucken slut for a wife. Geeze what about your husband bitch

  • He can find his own cock to play with.

  • On vacation with the family, husband was at the pool with the kids and I went to get a massage, I couldn't believe how sexy and handsome the masseuse was, he was like a fantasy come true. As he was massaging my body, I was getting hot and wet, needless to say he fucked me, he started with a condom but I begged him to cum inside me, and he did. I went back to the room, and hubby and kids were waiting, I didn't realize we were screwing for over 2 hours, and I told my husband I needed to shower and was the oil off my body, and he pretended to need to pee, and came in the bathroom for a quickie

  • Wow, how did he actually end up fucking you? Did his hands start to wander, or did you initiate it? HOT story.

  • His hands slowly did wander, a little touch here, and back for a little more until I couldn’t take it, and I just spread eagle for him

  • I met my wife at a gangbang , it was set up for a few friends of mine. I was moving away for work in two days. So anyway it was the first and only time I have ever been in a group sex/ gangbang in the morning I was the only guy still there. She and I started talking and we have been together ever since.

  • Met mine at a party, she got drunk and pulled a train seven men and I all fucked her. I took her home with me and she never left.

  • I like that. Do you ever tell people that is how you met?

  • I pay male stripper's and models for sex every month when I get my bonus. I told my husband that the company stopped the bonus program. Two months ago when I received a huge bonus I had the hottest, nastiest sex of my life with 3 men all models at the same time.

  • FUCK yeah! Good for you, that is your bonus. I would love to hear more details about your hot encounters, do you let them cum inside you?

  • It's happened a few times , so just so you know I'm not some model or something. I'm 40

  • Life is short and our bodies are made to experience pleasure, so go for it!

  • I was staying over my bf house, he still shared a room with his little brother, the 3 of us was sleeping on the floor, cause they had friends over too, so they took the beds. In the middle of the night I woke up and wanted to suck his dick, after putting his dick in my mouth that's when I realized it wasn't my bf, but his little brother that I was sucking, it got heated for us, and I fucked him, and I also sucked his friends dick, that was sleeping in his bed with his girl. Afterwards, I barely had a chance to clean up and , my bf woke up, insucked him off with his little brother & his friend watching, then we fucked, he ate me out with his brother cum inside me too. Yes we're still together, and no it never happened again nor did I want to talk about it

  • Haha, I had a little too much wine one night, woke up in the middle of the night, my husband and his pals were passed out in the basement, I thought I was waking my husband up but it wasn't. I thought I was telling my husband to come to bed and fuck me, but his friend just took his dick out and told me to suck it, which I did, and that's when I noticed it wasn't hubby's dick. I didn't stop, and another friend woke up and got behind me, he was eating me out but eventually stuck his dick inside me, when he finished they switched positions.

  • My husband of four years set me up with our neighbors son who's 17 and Black all because one night while making love I called my husband Gerald our neighbors son's name.
    Three days later while BBQing dinner my husband and Gerald were talking inviting him to dinner and he told me to put another steak on which I did.
    Busy with getting things for dinner I kinda left the boys alone and payed attention to what I was doing when Gerald came up behind me put his hands over my eyes and in a much deeper voice said "Guess who" and I said my husband's name for he's always pulling that on me and Gerald said now I get to kiss you being you didn't guess correctly he spun me around and kissed me right on my lips and didn't break the kiss for what seemed like forever as his hands went to my lower back and up raising my skirt with him, next thing I know his hands are on my bare ass pulling me tighter to him.
    Then I asked him did my husband put you up to this and he said yes all because I called him me. Said I must have been dreaming about me as you and he made love that night then he said I been thinking all about you ever since two summers ago when I surprised you and you lost the top to your bikini then told me I had awesome tits as he reached out and took hold of them both immediately going right for my nipples pinching them lightly and I started to tell him NO but what came out of my mouth was a moan and he went beneath my blouse taking hold of them on my bare skin and kissed me again. This time tho I kissed him back. Then he went to kissing my neck which always gets to me.
    About then my husband hollers out of the garage hey hun where's the chairs?

  • Went for a all girls retreat for a couple of days, all agreed never to speak about what will happen, I ended up running into my daughters ex bf, it took a few days, but he did fuck me, more than once, and while I was face timing with my husband and daughter

  • While moving across the country my brother and I were staying in a pop up camper. At one of the camp grounds we stayed at I met a guy thirty minutes later I was getting fucked in the camper. The kinky part is my brother was on the other bed watching me getting fucked and jerking off to it.

  • Long story short , I gave head to my husband's best friend while he was driving. My husband was in front of us in a u haul truck. That was one of the kinkiest things I've done.

  • Omg, me too, we were in a 15 passenger van, I was in the back row seat with one of his friends and another ones wife, somehow I fell asleep and my head ended on his lap, when I woke, he was feeling me up, and I was getting wet, and I ended up sucking his dick with my hubby driving in front

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one

  • So I'm 27,married,hubby was out of the country for work.I was bored,so went out with my friend to hang out with 2 male friends,to smoke and drink.The boys got us high and drunk and convinced us to play strip poker.Pretty soon me and my friend were nude and the boys led us to the sofas to fool around.We had several rounds of sex,with the guys swapping between us and 20 mins or so.Then we had more drinks and smokes.My friend passed out so the boys fucked me together.I enjoyed laying on my back with one pounding my pussy while I sucked on the other.It was a fun night that fixed my boredom.

  • This maybe not as kinky as some of the other comments but my kinkiest sex would have to be having sex with my ex husband an hour before I was to marry my current husband. I was rushing around running late and only had a towel wrapped around me after my shower and someone starts knocking on my door. I answer the door and there is my ex holding a bottle of wine telling me since he wasn't invited to the wedding could he come in and have a drink with me on my special day.

    I knew I shouldn't but I let him in, telling him I was running late so we had to make it quick .I barely had a sip of wine and he was already wrapping his arms around me from behind and kissing my neck. I remember telling him we can't do this as the towel was falling to the floor . Next thing I know I'm on my knees in my kitchen sucking his cock before he took me from behind and fucked me as I was leaning over the counter.

    Now I was really late .not having time to shower I quickly dressed and drove to meet my future husband at the magistrate . So yes the first time I had sex with my current husband as his wife he was the second cock of the day.

  • Many years ago when I was in my early twenties I went to a weekend music festival with my girlfriend .We camped there Friday and Saturday and were to leave Sunday to go home. Saturday we are drinking and enjoying the music , the last band ended and we went back to our little camping area. There were a couple other people camping around us and one guy that was sitting around our campfire drinking with us. My girlfriend had been playing around with this piece of rope all evening and when the guy got up to take a piss she wanted to tie my hands to the chair. Long story short she has my hands tied and starts sucking my cock telling me how hot it was to take advantage of me. The guy comes back and sits watching her blow me , right in front of him she drops her shorts and gets on my cock riding me. The guy is now watching and jerking off and my girlfriend tells him to come get a closer look. Drunk and having my hands tied to the chair with her riding my cock their wasn't much I could do when he came over standing next to us with his cock out. My girlfriend looked me in the eyes turned her head and started sucking his cock.

    She is sucking him and I'm like "what the fuck Shelly?" So she says aww you want some ? I tell her no, she grabs my head and kisses me then asks if I can taste his cock. The whole situation is fucked up and she is now sucking his cock again only right in front of my face and every once in a while trying to touch my lips with his cock asking if I want a taste . Finally he tells me " just do it man .its cool" and for some reason I let her press his cock to my lips, opened them and sucked it some. She went nuts riding my cock while I sucked him off.

  • My wife pretended to be passed out, we even put booze in her hair so she smelled like booze. She then stripped naked and laid on her stomach on the couch , while I hid. The reason was the men were coming over to finish the trim work in our living room. I watched as they first took a couple pics then ate her from behind after trying to wake her. Then they fucked her like they paid for it.

  • My wife and I play cards with another couple almost every Friday night. We all have our alcoholic drink of choice. We sit around the table and play. It was about 11:30 pm and between hands. I decided I wanted to go outside to smoke. The other couples wife, we will call her Kathy, said she'd join me.

    Everyone was in bed clothes since we usually drank too much to drive home. Kathy was wearing black silk pajama pants and a tank top with no bra. She has c cup breasts and they are perky af for a 40 year old. I'm wearing just boxers and a t-shirt. Their porch is fenced in to keep bugs out.

    So I'm leaned up against the fence. She faces away from me and backs into me. Resting against me. She says, "This ok?" I said, "Of course. I don't mind." She says, "I can tell that you don't mind. Your dick is getting hard." I said, "I mean you're wearing silk bottoms and no panties." She says, "How did you know I'm not wearing panties." I said, "No panty lines and I've seen you bent over earlier."

    She says, "You could totally fuck me and they wouldn't even know." I said, "You sure about that? I've heard you moan." She said, "Let's find out." She pulls down her pants and rubs her bare ass against me. I decide "fuck it" and pull my cock out. She bends over with her arms on a chair. I grab her ass and fuck her. Pussy feels amazing and not sure I'm gonna last long. She's fingering herself as I fuck her and asking me to fuck her harder. A few minutes later she starts to cum. That moistens her up and I tell her I'm going to cum. She tells me to cum in her pussy. So I do.

    We put our pants back on and head inside. Kathy said she needs to clean up our mess and will meet me in the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen. There I see brad, naked, and my wife naked in his lap facing him. She's bouncing up and down on his cock and she's moaning out loud. They both turn to look at me

  • Did you guys swap again?

  • My friend was over we were waiting on our husband's to get off work. The plan was to have an evening BBQ . So her and I were laughing and drinking some wine. She accidentally knocked my glass of wine on my shirt and pants. I ran upstairs to my room she followed I took off my clothes except for my bra and panties. We were in my bathroom soaking my clothes so hopefully they wouldn't be stained. She and I went into my room to look at something for me to wear. She commented on how sexy my bra was I said thank you. She then said that I was wearing the hottest panties she had ever seen and with that she reached out and touched them on the front and right between my legs. I just stood and smiled and said thank you. But instead of removing her hand she started moving it back and forth. Then she reached up with her other hand and softly touched my boob threw my bra. It was so relaxing I felt like I was going to melt. She leaned in and started kissing me I kissed her back. I have always wanted to eat your pussy she said to me. I didn't say anything. she slid my panties down and followed with her face softly kissing me as she went down. I stepped out of them and she had me sit on my bed. Soon she was all over my pussy licking it and fingering me. She looked up at me and said I love your shaved pussy. I just closed my eyes and let her continue playing with it. She started putting more and more fingers in me. Oh god it's making me wet remembering all this . So I spread my legs wider to give her more access. I felt my body stretching I looked down to watch her hand disappear in my pussy. Wholy fuck she barked out as she started really morning her hand in and out of me. My body began shaking uncomfortably I yelled at the top of my lungs. I'm going to cum I'm going to cum. With that my body let loose with the biggest orgasm of my life. She pulled her hand out and started lapping up my juices as I just laid there shaking.

  • Fuck me, fanny like a wizard's sleeve....

  • My weirdest / kinkiest would have to be meeting an older woman in a bar drinking and dancing with her then eventually going back to her house. We are on her bed fucking doggie style when I see a guy totally nude stroking his cock while watching us. It turned out to be her husband and he liked watching her get fucked. When I had cum he went right down on her eating her pussy as the two of us made out. Next thing she is telling him to clean me up ,it took some convincing but he finally moved over to lick my cock. It was so strange as I had never done anything with another man but got hard when he started licking and sucking me. with his wife watching and encouraging him to make me cum which he did.

  • I'm a mother of 4, still married, I went back to school to get my PH.D, along the way I got really close with some guys from a fraternity, flirting, study groups, then having some drinks afterwards. Needless to say I had sex with them, one on one, threesomes, never a full blown orgy. We ended up studying at the frat house most of the time now, with me making dinner, doing laundry, and cleaning, all while studying too. Sometimes I was naked or wearing a provocative outfit. I was giving head everyday, opening my legs. I loved the attention. Finally it had to come to an end, as I was graduating. We set aside a special day, the boys wanted a orgy, I made sure I drank a lot first, but once we started I kinda enjoyed it, they were filing every hole, and my hands, some used a condom, some didn't, and one after another cum inside me or on me, even the guys that never had me before, had their turn, the ugly ones too, I was like the door to the United Nations that night, it didn't last long, I think in about an hour or two I fucked 70 guys, and was covered in cum. I've cheated on my husband once since then.

  • My husband and I were on vacation in Florida. We were with some friends and the guys all decided to go deep sea fishing the next day. Well that night everyone got very drunk so the next morning only my husband was awake and ready. The boat was already paid for and they would have been out of the money if no one showed. So I agreed to go , but I said I just wanted to sun bathe I wasn't into catching fish. So we're way out there and I was laying on a towel in the front of the boat. My husband the two crew members and the captain were mostly in the back. It was really hot , I went to the back to get out of the sun. One of the guys said oh wow you might be sunburned. I was just standing there the captain grabbed some lotion and started to put it on my shoulders and back. I looked at my husband and he did the eye brow up and down thing. So then the other two crew members also started putting lotion on my body. Having 3 men rubbing and touching me was very exciting. My husband came over and undid my top and bottoms and just let them hit the floor. His remark was make sure you get it all over her body. They were very happy to oblige. It wasn't too long before things got even hotter. The whole time I was having sex with the guys my husband just watched and fished.

  • This just made me feel sooty for you. Who wants to get fingered with suntan lotion?

  • Yeah I agree. Who wants factor 50 in their noonoo

  • Believe me when I tell you it was amazing

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