K9(dog sex )

Any girls curious to get fucked by a dog or other animals ?

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  • I'd love to try

  • What do you want to try ? a dog ?

  • I am 17 F and my Rotty has made me his bitch for the past 8 months taking me nightly in my room.
    It started out letting him lick me taking me to multiple orgasms and then one afternoon I dropped my vibrator beneath the bed and when I got down to retrieve it he jumped up on my back and it didn't take him but four jabs and he went right into me and man did he go wild then he pulled me tight against him digging his dew claws into my hips and I felt him swelling to almost to the point6 of hurting and I could feel him squirting his cum into me oh god I knew right then and there this wasn't going to be the only time he could have his way with me.

  • Good job you are a good girl how many time did you try him after this ?
    are you curious about other animals ?

  • For the first month it happened daily he was constantly after me i had to quit wearing dress and skirts and wearing dresses for he would be after me right as soon as he saw me sticking his nose right to my puss or my ass. Now it's a nightly thing

  • When I was younger I did some things with our dog , but I haven't really done or thought about it in years. I was caught by strangers and it was a very scary time for me.

  • What things did you made ?

  • I would walk him to the little forest and suck him or let him mount me

  • That's were I was caught

  • I’d love to watch my girlfriend get fucked hard by a K9

  • My wife did our Great Dane it is wonderful

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