Teen Gymnasts

I will start by saying i have always had a thing for beautiful young girls in gymnastics leotards. I just love how they love and the leotards just make them so much cuter.
I won't say where i live, but i went into coaching gymnasts to enjoy the views and even better, the touching of the girls.
After a while i got bored and decided to try something new. I moved states and have been coaching under a false name at many gyms, moving each time i needed and doing it again.
As of tonight, not too long ago, i finished fucking my 17th young gymnast. I have worked a few each time until i get one. Once i have fucked her a few times, making sure to bareback her at least a couple of times, i move on. Tonight i got a 12 year old girl after training. Her mother was late and all the other girls had left. I sweet talked her until i had her legs spread wide on the beam, while i thrust her tiny pussy. I managed to unload 2 nice big loads into her pussy before her mother arrived. Her mother invited me to their place on the weekend for her 13th birthday party to say thanks for watching her. I plan to put another few loads in her belly and i guess i'll be moving on again.
Most of the girls have been 14 or 15 years old, but i have managed to get one 16 year old who was really naive about periods and believed me when i told her she was safe 2 weeks after her last one.I got one girl as well who had only just turned 11 when i filled her pussy with my loads. I tricked her into believing that having sex will help stop her newly started periods. I told the truth, she just didn't know that after 2 weeks of fucking her that all i was doing was making sure her next period never came.
Not much i can say really, i just love cumming in young girls and i love trying to get them pregnant. My goal is to get a girl under 10 pregnant, just so i can say i got a pre-teen girl knocked up.

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  • I thought i would update this one. The weekend party was great. I managed to sneak away and fuck the young girl in her bedroom. I unloaded twice in her newly 13 year of pussy. She told me that her younger sister was also starting gymnastics and she will be coming to the same training times.
    The following week (2 weeks ago) she came with her sister. I was excited when i saw her. She is so tiny and cute.
    Anyway we trained and i found out about her. She is 10 and a half and wants to be a gymnast like her sister. This week just gone their mother told me that my 13 year old isn't feeling well and only one girl was coming.
    Last night i was talking to to her and she said her sister told her i was helping her stop her periods so she could train better. The lie i had her believing. She asked if i could help her as she wants to train really hard as well.
    I will say i hesitated, but by the time her mother arrived i had not long finished pumping my 3rd load of cum into the 10 year old's pussy. The best part is that she told me she asked cause she started her first period just over 2 weeks ago and didn't like it so she wants them to stop.
    I did a morning session with her this morning as well. I convinced her that if we spend the whole session making sure we stop her periods then training will be better from next week on. I got home about an hour ago and i am completely exhausted, i spent the whole 2 hours fucking her. I unloaded in her 5 times, but the last time was pretty much nothing left.
    Almost my goal, but 10 is close to a pre-teen and i have no doubt that i have probably impregnated both the girls. I am going to move on now to be safe, but i will enjoy one more week and hopefully fuck them both a few more times to be sure.
    The gym i am going to try to move to has a class for 8-10 year old's and i'm hoping i might find a girl who has started her periods. After now fucking a 10 year old i really want to get a girl who is under 10 and hopefully impregnate her as well.

  • You are a legend! I've got my wank sorted for tonight. I hope you unload more on here mate. I love preteens as well

  • It’s perverts like you that I protected my daughter from when she was young. If I could catch you I would shoot you right between your eyes with my 44 mag...!!!

  • Better Homes & Gardens or Good Houskeeping?

  • Satan, is that you?

  • I lived in a cult like this once.

  • I very much impressed with girls in leotards they look fabulous.

  • I'm torn between being impressed and mad.

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