Teen Gymnasts

I will start by saying i have always had a thing for beautiful young girls in gymnastics leotards. I just love how they love and the leotards just make them so much cuter.
I won't say where i live, but i went into coaching gymnasts to enjoy the views and even better, the touching of the girls.
After a while i got bored and decided to try something new. I moved states and have been coaching under a false name at many gyms, moving each time i needed and doing it again.
As of tonight, not too long ago, i finished fucking my 17th young gymnast. I have worked a few each time until i get one. Once i have fucked her a few times, making sure to bareback her at least a couple of times, i move on. Tonight i got a 12 year old girl after training. Her mother was late and all the other girls had left. I sweet talked her until i had her legs spread wide on the beam, while i thrust her tiny pussy. I managed to unload 2 nice big loads into her pussy before her mother arrived. Her mother invited me to their place on the weekend for her 13th birthday party to say thanks for watching her. I plan to put another few loads in her belly and i guess i'll be moving on again.
Most of the girls have been 14 or 15 years old, but i have managed to get one 16 year old who was really naive about periods and believed me when i told her she was safe 2 weeks after her last one.I got one girl as well who had only just turned 11 when i filled her pussy with my loads. I tricked her into believing that having sex will help stop her newly started periods. I told the truth, she just didn't know that after 2 weeks of fucking her that all i was doing was making sure her next period never came.
Not much i can say really, i just love cumming in young girls and i love trying to get them pregnant. My goal is to get a girl under 10 pregnant, just so i can say i got a pre-teen girl knocked up.


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  • My niece is a overweight fat 10 year old girl, when she is wearing yoga pants or a swimming suit, her camel toe is absolutely gigantic. I can't help myself I have to look at it. I'm obsessed with how big her labia and clitoris are.

  • Part 2:
    It took me about 10 minutes to explain to her what i needed to do and get her to agree. Once i had her leaning over the office desk i wasted no time. I had her leotard gusset open and my head rubbing her instantly. Taking care, it took about 15 minutes to slowly work myself into her very tiny tight little hole. But knowing she had nothing to block my way in (gymnasts almost never do) and knowing that she had been taking fertility drugs and hopefully had ovaries or tubes holding eggs waiting for fertilising, and hopefully she is one of the 10% that will have multiple eggs released, i was just so excited about putting 1 or if lucky 2 babies in her belly.
    I didn't last long, maybe another 3 or 4 minutes when i told her i was about to help stop her periods. She got excited as i pushed my cock as far as it would go into her cervix and unloaded in her. I felt like i was going to pass out as i pumped so many waves into her. I was so excited as i finished that i just couldn't go soft. I lasted almost another 15 minutes before i really drove in hard and pumped a second load into her belly. I wiped her down and then put her leotard back in place properly and told her again she can't tell cause her parents might get made.
    I know her mother kept giving her the pills for the last 6 weeks since. I have fucked this girl no less than 25 or maybe even 30 times during this time. I even fucked her twice one day while her mother was here to watch. I took her into the change rooms.
    Best part is, her periods, both she should have had, have stopped. Even more so, at 9 years, 7 months old, in her leotard you can already seen her tummy is starting to swell. From what i have read up, to show so early it's likely she has at least twins growing in her tiny body, but i just love it.
    I finally got my dream, to fuck, cum in, fertilise and impregnate a pre-teen girl with my baby, well babies. I'm surprised her mother hasn't said anything about her gaining weight.

  • Part 1:
    Finally have an update on my quest:
    At my new gym i got the class of 8-10 year olds to teach. I only took me about 10 days to chat to mothers and find one who told me that her daughter started her first period almost 3 months ago.
    The girl was 9 years, 5 months old. She had 2 periods already. She is tiny, very slim and long dark sandy hair. She is really cute.
    She came to training one day and due to her period she ended up sitting out most of it. I had already made my plan and i spoke to her mother again. I gave her a container and suggested that she start giving them to her daughter about a week after this period. The mother looked and asked why. I explained that zinc and magnesium help to reduce period pain and can even help control her periods. She thanked me a lot and said she would try them for sure.
    Well, as you can imagine, the pills inside were not what i said. I filled it with Clomiphene Citrate pills, or Clomid as by branding. If you don't know these are pills used to stimulate ovaries production of eggs and regulate their release once fully fertile.
    I started working on the girl right away. I talked to her about making sure she takes the tablets and that when she is ready i will help her stop her periods completely. I even after almost another week explained her that i will need to put some stuff in her to help her and that because it's only meant for older girls she cannot tell her mother.
    Well, she finished her period and her mother advised me on day 6 that she got her to start taking the pills. On day 11, i knew this was the day her mother drops her off and leaves and her father picks her up about 2 hours later. I finished the class early and told her to follow me to the office.

  • I was in gymnastics from the age of 5 years old and into my 20s. I was always a very flexible girl and did very well in competition's. My favorite skill I mastered and I still use to this day, is my ability to perform oral sex on myself. I can lick and suck my own clitoris without any problems. I discovered this ability around 13 years old one night naked on my bed, I've been giving myself orgasms ever since. I have told a couple of my girlfriends over the years, and they are very envious. My husband is still amazed at how I can do it, he loves to watch. Both of our daughter's are in gymnastics, I have taught them both to practice stretching into this position. I will tell them why in a couple of years. I had a female couch who would put her fingers between my thighs and on my labia when spotting me. She would rub my clitoris with her fingers and even touched my clitoris helping me change. It never bothered me, it felt good.

  • I thought i would update this one. The weekend party was great. I managed to sneak away and fuck the young girl in her bedroom. I unloaded twice in her newly 13 year of pussy. She told me that her younger sister was also starting gymnastics and she will be coming to the same training times.
    The following week (2 weeks ago) she came with her sister. I was excited when i saw her. She is so tiny and cute.
    Anyway we trained and i found out about her. She is 10 and a half and wants to be a gymnast like her sister. This week just gone their mother told me that my 13 year old isn't feeling well and only one girl was coming.
    Last night i was talking to to her and she said her sister told her i was helping her stop her periods so she could train better. The lie i had her believing. She asked if i could help her as she wants to train really hard as well.
    I will say i hesitated, but by the time her mother arrived i had not long finished pumping my 3rd load of cum into the 10 year old's pussy. The best part is that she told me she asked cause she started her first period just over 2 weeks ago and didn't like it so she wants them to stop.
    I did a morning session with her this morning as well. I convinced her that if we spend the whole session making sure we stop her periods then training will be better from next week on. I got home about an hour ago and i am completely exhausted, i spent the whole 2 hours fucking her. I unloaded in her 5 times, but the last time was pretty much nothing left.
    Almost my goal, but 10 is close to a pre-teen and i have no doubt that i have probably impregnated both the girls. I am going to move on now to be safe, but i will enjoy one more week and hopefully fuck them both a few more times to be sure.
    The gym i am going to try to move to has a class for 8-10 year old's and i'm hoping i might find a girl who has started her periods. After now fucking a 10 year old i really want to get a girl who is under 10 and hopefully impregnate her as well.

  • You are a legend! I've got my wank sorted for tonight. I hope you unload more on here mate. I love preteens as well

  • It’s perverts like you that I protected my daughter from when she was young. If I could catch you I would shoot you right between your eyes with my 44 mag...!!!

  • Better Homes & Gardens or Good Houskeeping?

  • Satan, is that you?

  • I lived in a cult like this once.

  • I very much impressed with girls in leotards they look fabulous.

  • I'm torn between being impressed and mad.

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